Don’t Reheat when you can Recreate

Soft Freeze Leftovers with Mitsubishi Electric
In a hurry, tired after a long day at work, or just not in the mood for cooking?

When the only thing sitting in your freezer is leftovers, there is no need to be left uninspired.

With the Versa Freezer Drawer, you no longer need to worry about taking food out well in advance for a long defrost. Simply Soft Freeze your leftovers for food that can be easily cut and scooped without thawing, and stored “soft” frozen for up to three weeks.

How does "Soft Freeze Mode" work?

When food is placed in the Versa Freezer Drawer, it is first exposed to a blast of cool air that ensures minute ice particles are formed instantly.

This process minimises cell destruction that would normally occur during conventional freezing methods. Whilst conventional freezing slowly freezes food from the outside in, creating large, needle-like ice crystals to form, the Supercooling process ensures ice particles form instantly and evenly. This locks in taste, moisture and texture, therefore limiting the separation phenomenon that occurs when freezing high moisture or dairy-rich ingredients.

Once this process is finished, you can either take the food out and put it in the normal freezer to store long term, or you can leave it in the Versa Drawer where it will default to Soft Freeze mode. Soft Freeze ensures leftovers become your hero ingredient in the kitchen when you are short on ideas or short on time.

Leftover creations to get you craving!

Leftovers make the perfect fillings for a great kiwi classic – the pie. Whether you have some leftover mince, a handful of roasted vegetables, or some chicken and carbonara sauce, simply scoop a spoonful of Soft Frozen leftovers into a muffin tin lined with filo pastry and put straight into the oven.

For the perfect bite-sized quiches, roll out slices of bread cut in circles, place in a muffin tin, and fill with the Soft Frozen leftovers of your choice. Mushroom and asparagus, bacon and vegetables or ham and cheese, the possibilities are endless and all make the perfect quiche filling. Simply take a small scoop, fill in the bread bowl and top with some whisked eggs and grated cheese. Into the oven they go, and out comes a crispy, delicious snack.

Made too much sauce for your spaghetti bolognaise? Pop the leftovers in a container and into the Versa Freezer Draw on Soft Freeze mode. For an easy and fun weekday dinner for the kids, grab some pizza bases or pitta bread pockets and a spoonful of soft frozen bolognaise sauce – smooth onto the bread, add your favourite toppings, and pop in the oven. Delicious pizza and pizza pockets that are fun for the whole family to make!

Why reheat, when you can recreate? To learn more about Soft Freezing and how it can make dinner time easier for you, click here.