5 Interior Design Tips to Bring Summer Style into Your Home

Nikki McNamara from Stylemaker gives us her insight on a key interior design trend for 2017 - channel an endless summer vibe by bringing the outdoors in.

Here are Nikki’s 5 top tips on how you can create your own Legacy of Summer through colour, textures and accessories.


We all have a connection to the natural landscape. Bring the beauty of nature indoors by surrounding yourself in the colours of Lapis Blue and Kale Green for your paint and homeware selections. Look for patterns and fabrics that evoke an emotion inside you and that saturate you with the warmth of Summer.


Adventure with your loved ones to a childhood beach and collect treasures along the way. Be it found in a hidden curio shop with quality vintage pieces, or simply a shell found on the beach. Once home, it is the adventure and the story that will make those treasures come alive.


Have a tray display of books, candles, and treasures found, in easy reach of the sofa where you love to lounge. Embrace the perfectly imperfect. In this amazing age we live in, finding precision machine-made pieces is easy. So this summer, why not take the time to search out treasures for your home that are touched by humans.

Gather organic shapes, textures and materials around you. Knowing an artist has created them adds an extra depth and meaning that will nourish you and make for a good story.


Collect colourful vessels to serve your food in ways that are unique and effortless. Salads, fruit and ice-cream, will add style to your table landscape if they are thoughtfully displayed.


Beautiful glass objects will inspire reflection, light and a sense of cool into your home. Add wood or rattan furniture as a natural backdrop and you will have the perfect room to relax in - nature’s sculptures. We love seeing a cool white contemporary base for outdoor living, layered with sculptural green plantings that make a statement.

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