Breaking the Rules of Colour – 2017 Colour Trends with Resene

Colour has a big impact on our lives; the clothes we wear, the homes we live in and the mood we feel.
There will always be colours you’ll love, but it’s also great to pay attention to what colours are on trend.

From colour combinations you never considered, to completely new shades, colour trends can be the perfect spark of inspiration to reinvent yourself; whether that be your wardrobe or your walls.

Nikki Morris, Resene Colour Specialist, gives us her insight on a top colour trend for 2017.

Break the Rules

The only rule when it comes to colour is there is no rule. The old adages of blue and green should never be seen have long since been relegated to history as decorators mix and match often clashing colours with surprisingly good results.

New colour blocking techniques let you bring together a palette of your favourite colours in geometric shapes on walls, ceilings, furniture and floors. With a little imagination and some low tack masking tape, you can experiment with colour combinations to express your own personality and create a feature space that is truly one of a kind.

Colour is no longer confined to one wall + one colour = one feature wall. Now it is pops of colour in unexpected places – inside pantries and drawers, peeking out from table legs or from a ceiling – or a series of paint colours meandering across multiple spaces.

Mixing and matching of colours in unexpected combinations is the perfect way to make your home your own, brightening up your everyday spaces.

Tailor…It’s All About You

When it comes to paint and colour, the only limit is your imagination.

Sometimes with this choice comes a fear of getting it wrong. It is tempting to repeat other ‘tried and true’ colour schemes as a safe option, but just because it’s safe doesn’t mean it’s right. Use the choices of others as inspiration for your own - but remember; every project, every home, every room is different. It’s your project, whether freshening up a room or doing a complete remodel, take the time to find the colours you’ll love to live with.

Happy decorating!

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