What’s on Trend – 2018 Colour Trends with Resene

With the dusk of 2017 having just passed, let’s look ahead to colour trends for 2018.
The trend towards saturated colours will lend itself to playful combinations reminiscent of Rococo Revival styling.

Look to bright blue ottomans, fuchsia accent pillows and indigo drapes coexisting within the same funky living room.

We can even expect a fair bit of neon in the near future and rich gem-like hues.

Be Bold

As we dream of travel and exotic, far-flung places, bright hues will appeal, says Resene colour consultant Rebecca Long. “Bright colours are influenced by travel, escapism and wanderlust,” she says. “Rich, bold greens such as Resene Limerick lead us to escape into the trees.”

There are some anticipated notable hues for the year, including amethyst and berry-infused purples (try Resene Couture), emerald, sapphire and turquoise (Resene Atlas, Resene Into The Blue and Resene Discover), satin gold (Resene Good As Gold), frosted almond and light beige green (Resene Thistle).

‘Millennial pink’ made a strong impression at this year’s Milan Design Week (think Resene New York Pink) as did hot pink, orange and violet. Other colours mirrored our tech-centred culture. Silicon Valley-inspired tones like digital blues (dark watery blues), purples and warm yellows will add punches of colour to walls, and a collective yearn for natural tones will inspire earth browns as a favoured neutral.

Smoky tones will continue but with a softer, weathered edge, as seen in Resene Soothe and Resene Inside Back.

Yellows feature strongly on their own too, with appearances of egg yolk yellows (Resene Celebrate), orange yellows (Resene Buttercup) and energetic bright yellows (Resene Turbo).

Golden Slumbers

2018 will continue to see the use of metallics and iridescent materials. Gold, brass and copper will thrive. Whereas bronze was strongly featured in recent years, the most prevalent metal in 2018 will be gold. Expect to see it in paint colours (Resene Gold Dust, Resene Pirate Gold and Resene Good As Gold), house fittings like doorknobs, light fixtures and plumbing hardware, furniture, and especially accessories, like cushions, throws and lampshades. Gold will commonly be paired with glass for coffee tables, nightstands and shelving. Another favoured companion is darker woods.

Depths are also being pushed deeper with dark charcoals, moody blues and dense greens, creating intimate, cave-like environments. Try Resene Dark Side and Resene Nero, both inky blues.

Paint effects will continue to thrive in new and exciting ways, predicts Rebecca. Half painted walls, tonal colour changes, freehand paint effects – all you need is a little imagination.

So go ahead and reinvent that colour-deprived space – as 2018 is set to be another colourful year.