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Maintenance and Cleaning Guides

Cleaning your heat pump regularly ensures optimum operation by reducing unnecessary power consumption; increasing energy efficiency and limiting exposure to condensation.

Indoor Unit

We recommend cleaning your heat pump filters with every seasonal change. You can do this yourself by using a domestic vacuum cleaner with a small brush attachment. If you prefer you can organise a service company to regularly clean and service your heat pump for you.

Outdoor Unit

We recommend cleaning your outdoor unit every 6 months. You can do this yourself by clearing any rubbish, plant matter or debris from around the unit. Wash the outdoor unit and coil with a detergent (car wash liquid is ideal, do not use other detergent i.e. dish washing liquid) and hose down afterwards.

It is also important that you do not place any outdoor furniture, plants or ornaments on or around your outdoor unit. Anything that compromises the airflow around the outdoor unit will compromise its performance.

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Technical, Service Manuals and all CITY MULTI.

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