Four Drawer EX655 Fridge


Our Connoisseur EX655 Multi Drawer Refrigerator features extremely efficient Inverter technology, a unique LED Touch Control Panel and large 655 litre capacity with slim dimensions. Super quiet at only 15dBA and designed to keep food fresher for longer, the EX655 is the ultimate entertainer's fridge.

Discontinued Product


Our Technology

Since 1954 the engineers at Mitsubishi Electric have become experts at developing reliable, design-orientated, and functional refrigerators. Designed and engineered in the pursuit of excellence, our refrigerators have been developed with superior food storage in mind and have been tested with uncompromising precision.

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Our EX655 Multi Drawer Refrigerators feature separate temperature zones that allow for optimum temperature control and customisation so food is kept fresher for longer. With a timeless brushed steel finish, touchscreen controls, and a large 655L capacity, the EX will be a focal point in your kitchen for years to come.

LED Touch Panel

The EX655 refrigerator features an easy to use LED touch panel with eight optional functions to choose from. Each function can be activated using a very simple 3 step process.


Refrigeration Compartment

French Door Design

Our Connoisseur EX655 features a French door design, providing significantly more usable space than ‘side-by-side’ designs. You can now easily store items up to 65cm wide!

Surround Cooling System

Sensors ensure cool air is distributed evenly. Even hard to cool places such as filled door pockets are effectively and quickly cooled, with cold air circulating through the gaps in the bottom of each door pocket.

Sliding Chilled Case

Set at around 0°C, this case is ideal for storing and prolonging the freshness of fresh meats, fish and dairy products. It also doubles as an additional chilling space for canned and bottled beverages.

Egg Storage

This drawer is specifically designed for storing eggs. Research has shown that when eggs are stored stationary instead of the in the fridge door, shelf life and freshness are increased by up to four times due to the lack of vibration.


Innovative Shelving

A number of unique shelving features increase the usable space in your refrigerator.

Elevating Shelf

By simply sliding the shelf lever across, the shelf raises or lowers by 40mm. Great for when you need to store taller items.

Two-Way Flexi Shelves

This two part shelf slides back easily to halve its size, allowing taller items to be stored at the front of the refrigerator compartment.


Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker

The Connoisseur Collection features a Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker. As there is no separate plumbing connection required, this cost effective approach to ice making means the fridge can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, not just near existing pipe work. Simply fill the removable water tank and the Ice Maker is ready to go!

Removable Water Tank

The water tank, is easily removed, cleaned and refilled at the kitchen sink without the hassle of having to plumb the refrigerator into the water supply.

Easy Clean System

The water supply system is easy to clean; removable water tank components just need to be flushed periodically in water to maintain optimum performance. Rubber components are treated with an anti-bacterial coating.

Water Purification

Water in the tank is purified through a V-LED lamp and lead cleaning filter which removes impurities, bacteria and chlorine to ensure fresh, clean tasting ice.

The Ice Drawer

The separate Ice Drawer ensures ice cubes stay odour free, preventing absorption of lingering food odours that may be present.


Versa Drawer

The Versa Drawer offers the ultimate functionality in preserving food quality without losing moisture and taste, making storage more convenient and preparation a breeze even while food is still frozen. The Versa Drawer has two main modes, Supercool Freezing and Soft Freezing. When additional storage capacity is required it can also be utilised for standard freezing.

Supercool Freezing

Maximise taste and maintain texture. Supercool Freezing ensures food is frozen evenly, locking in moisture and minimizing cell destruction. Supercool technology ensures food is frozen evenly so only the finest ice crystals are able to form, preserving the freshness and texture of food and locking in maximum flavour.

Soft Freezing

Soft Freezing allows food to be frozen for up to three weeks in a ‘soft’ state. This means meat can be easily cut without thawing. Pasta sauces can be stored frozen but kept soft enough to scoop out portions, this is also ideal for left over dips and baby foods.

Hot Freezing

The LED Sensor and Twin Dampers are designed specifically to make it possible to place hot food into the freezer. The LED Sensor automatically detects hot food and adjusts the cold air flow directly onto the hot food from the separate air outlet for added convenience, time saving and to preserve the quality and freshness of the food.

Power Storage

The LED Sensor automatically controls the temperature of stored food, preventing frost and discoloration due to temperature differences within the freezer whilst preserving the freshness and taste of your food.


Freezer Drawer

The Freezer Drawer is divided by a Sliding Tray at the top that can be pushed back to reveal the rest of the freezer drawer. The Freezer Drawer is roomy enough to fit bulky items such as ice cream tubs, loaves of bread and frozen vegetables. The top tray is ideal for storage and organisation of flat pack items such as meat packs.

Rapid Cool

While Rapid Cool is active, the EX655 will monitor the opening of the freezer, vegetable and refrigerator compartments to detect which area has increased contents, and quickly cool the items. This locks in flavour and preserves the quality of food.


Humidity Drawer

The Humidity Drawer is designed to maximise the freshness of produce. The drawer automatically monitors and adjusts humidity ensuring the ideal surroundings for vegetables and fruit to stay crisper and fresher for longer.

The Humidity Drawer is divided by a Sliding Tray at the top that can be pushed back to reveal the rest of the drawer. The top tray is ideal for storage and organisation of smaller items such as fruit.


For decades it was a given that a fridge light turns off as soon as the door was closed, but fresh thinking at Mitsubishi Electric was the catalyst for keeping the light on, at least in the humidity drawer. Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new technology, Vitalight, to increase the vitamin content of vegetables with the ultimate aim of keeping food fresher for longer. Energy efficient amber LED lights in the roof of the vegetable drawer mimics photosynthesis and creates chlorophyll in vegetables, allowing them to absorb energy from the light, increasing Vitamin C levels for fresher, tastier food.

Keep Vegetables Moist

Perfect for leafy vegetables, this function lowers the cooling airflow of the humidity drawer to reduce dryness and increase the moisture levels of your produce, keeping them fresh and crispy.


Additional Features

Silent Operation

Due to new Inverter Technology the EX655 refrigerator is the quietest in its class at only 15dBA. This makes it ideal for open plan living.

Energy Efficient

The EX655 achieves a 3.5 Star Energy Rating. The result is lower long-term running costs, for ultimate cost efficiency.

Inverter Driven Technology

The EX655 features Inverter driven technology and “Scene Fit” controls that automatically adjust the energy usage based on user patterns, resulting in cost effective low energy consumption. These energy saving levels can easily be viewed using the Eco Guide display.

Large Capacity - Slim Design

A specialised thin and efficient vacuum insulation panel offers 10x better performance than conventional insulation. Mitsubishi Electric’s highly advanced Vacuum Insulated Panel Technology enables the EX655 refrigerator to achieve a larger internal capacity for maximum food storage while providing smaller external dimensions for a slim, sleek design.

Door Alarm System

The Refrigerator Compartment, the Ice Drawer and the Freezer Drawer all have separate Door Alarms which sound when open for over a minute.



· Capacity - Total (Net / Gross): 474 / 655 litres · Capacity - Freezer Drawer (Net / Gross): 78 / 131 litres
· Capacity - Refrigerator Room (Net / Gross): 296 / 327 litres · Capacity - Vegetable Drawer (Net / Gross): 72 / 116 litres
· Capacity - Ice Drawer (Net / Gross): 5 / 26 litres · Capacity - Versa Drawer (Net / Gross): 23 / 55 litres
· Dimensions (WxHxD): 745 x 1821 x 735 · Weight: 125 kg Net / 134 kg Gross
· Castors: 4x · Adjustable Foot: 2x
· Colour: Brushed Steel · Opening: Center Split French Doors
· Cooling System: Advanced Surround Multi Air-Flow System · Frost Free: Yes
· CFC Free: Yes (R600a Iso Butane) · Inverter Technology: Yes
· Vacuum Insulated Panels: Yes · Neuro Fuzzy Logic: Yes
· ECO Mode: Yes · ECO Guide: Yes
· Power Save Mode: Yes · Monitored Temperature Sensors: 8x
· External LED Touch Control Panel: Yes · Door Alarm: Refrigerator Compartment, Ice Drawer, Versa Drawer, Freezer Drawer, Humidity Drawer
· Anti-Bacterial Food Liner: Yes · Deodorizer: Yes
· Energy Star Rating: 3.5 · kWh Per Year: 425
· Freezer Drawer - CFC Free: Yes · Freezer Drawer - Standard Freeze Function: Yes
· Freezer Drawer - Quick Freeze Function: Yes · Freezer Drawer - Sliding Top Tray: Yes
· Fridge - Sliding Chilled Case: Yes
· Fridge - Quick Cooling Function: Yes · Fridge - Elevating Shelf: No
· Fridge - Two-Way Flexi Shelf: Yes · Fridge - Small Item Case: Yes
· Fridge - Egg Tray: 2x · Fridge - Large Bottle Pocket: 2x
· Fridge - Small Bottle Pocket: Yes · Fridge - Adjustable Door Pocket: 2x
· Fridge - LED Compartment Light: Yes · Fridge - Multi Temperature Setting: Yes
· Ice Drawer - Automatic Ice Maker: Yes · Ice Drawer - Frost Free: Yes
· Ice Drawer - CFC Free: Yes · Ice Drawer - Quick Ice Mode: Yes
· Ice Drawer - Standard Ice Mode: Yes · Ice Drawer - Water Supply V-LED Purifying: Yes
· Ice Drawer - Removable Water tank: Yes · Ice Drawer - Removable Easy Clean Components: Yes
· Ice Drawer - Removable Easy Clean Ice Tray: Yes · Ice Drawer - Ice Tray and Scoop: Yes
· Ice Drawer - Soundproof Mat: Yes
· Vegetable Drawer - Light Emitting Vitamin Guard: LED · Vegetable Drawer - Constant Humidity Care: Yes
· Vegetable Drawer - Quick Cooling Function: Yes · Vegetable Drawer - Sliding Top tray: Yes
· Vegetable Drawer - Removable Vegetable Container: Yes · Vegetable Drawer - Multi Temperature Setting: Yes
· Versa Drawer - Soft Freeze Function: Yes · Versa Drawer - Quick Freeze Function: Yes
· Versa Drawer - Standard Freeze Function: Yes · Versa Drawer - Supercool Function: Yes
· Versa Drawer - Aluminium Tray: Yes · Versa Drawer - Multi-Temperature Setting: Yes


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