Polycrystaline Premium 230W


The technology and design of our product incorporates our comprehensive experience and extensive know-how in creating photovoltaic modules. The Mitsubishi Electric difference lies in all of the small details that add up for outstanding performance, reliability, and safety.

Discontinued Product


Superior Technology

4 Busbar Cell

Through an industry-leading innovation of integrating 4 busbars into each cell, internal electrical resistance is reduced, boosting cell output by 3%*. This is possible because the distances between the busbars are shorter and less current flows through each smaller electrode where resistance is the highest.

*Approximate improvement compared to a standard 2 busbar cell.

Quad-layer protective Junction Box

As one of the most critical parts of the module in terms of safety, our junction box features a waterproof, flame-resistant 4 layer barrier of protection. Combined with highly heat-resistant diodes, efficient heat-sink, and secured intertwining tab connections, our junction boxes boast a top-class level of safety.

Lead-free Solder

Mitsubishi Electric was the first Japanese manufacture to introduce (and still use) 100% lead-free solder in the inter-cell connections as another initiative contributing to environmental protection, while the expanded light reflection effects with the solderless status improve cell efficiency.

Fine Grid Electrodes

Mitsubishi Electric have developed fine grid electrodes for the solar cell manufacturing process, an advance that has effectively expanded the solar cell light receiving area to realize high-efficiency cells.

Cerium-free/High-transmittance Glass

Through using glass that is cerium-free and high in transmittance we have defined a new dimension in high efficiency, free of initial deterioration.

High power in actual use (Paired module average exceeds nominal value

Working to ensure that factory-shipment test values exceed the nominal output power for each carton (two modules per carton) means these efforts combine to realize high power generation performance in actual use.

Reliable in New Zealand Conditions

Improved Frame

Our classic hollowless L-frame design has been improved with a smarter protection bar insert. As a result, the strength of the new frame has increased by approximately double that of the previous L-frame. In addition, modules can now be installed by clipping the shorter sides, simplifying system design and installation.

Double Corrosion-resistant Frame Coating

The highly durable aluminum frame is treated with two separate corrosion-resistant coatings for excellent durability and a beautiful finish. Even the individual screws have double anti-corrosive coatings for lasting protection.

High Snow Load

Our modules have been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as in areas with high snowfall. The high structural strength of the modules has passed the IEC 61215 static loading test at 5400Pa.


Cell type: Polycrystalline silicon, 156mm × 156mm
Number of cells: 60 cells
Performance at STC
Maximum power rating (Pmax): 230W
Warranted minimum Pmax: 223.1W
Tolerance of Pmax: +/-3% (The average Pmax of each pair of modules has a positive tolerance)
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 36.6V
Short circuit current (Isc): 8.39A
Maximum power voltage (Vmp): 30.2V
Maximum power current (Imp): 7.62A
Normal operating cell temperature (NOCT): 47°C
Maximum system voltage: 1000V
Fuse rating: 15A
Dimensions: 1658×994×46mm (65.3×39.1×1.81inches)
Weight: 20kg (44lbs.)
Output terminal: (+) 1025mm/(-) 1025mm with MC connector (PV-KTB4/6II-UR, PV-KST4/6II-UR) Cable conforms with TÜV Specification 2 PfG 1169/08.2007
Module efficiency: 14.0%
Packing condition: 2 pcs / 1 carton
Certificates: IEC 61215 Second Edition, IEC 61730
Product Warranty: 10 years
Output Warranty: 90% of rated minimum Pmax for 10 years 80% of rated minimum Pmax for 25 years


Note: Dimension unit (mm).


*Actual price may differ.