Four Door 650L Refrigerator

L4 Glass // MR-L650EN-GSL-A

The L4 Grande Glass Silver 650L Refrigerator is designed for larger living. With an internal width of 800mm, this refrigerator provides you maximum storage capacity for even the bulkiest groceries, ensuring you will never be caught short of space.

650 Litre CapacityWidth: 950mm, Height: 1698mm, Depth: 764mm
Neuro Inverter
10 year Inverter Compressor Warranty*
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Advanced Inverter Technology with Neuro Fuzzy Logic

The use of Inverter Technology means this fridge is 22% more efficient* in comparison to the previous EH Series, for greater energy savings. Utilising Neuro Fuzzy Logic, the L4 Grande Range seamlessly memorises your usage patterns and adapts its power levels for unparalleled energy efficiency.

*Compared to previous Inverter Model MR-L650EH

French Door Design

Every time you open the refrigerator you’re letting cold air out. This leads to a significant increase in energy consumption as your fridge works to return to the right temperature once you shut the door. The L4 Grande French Door design lets you open only half of the Refrigerator Compartment at a time; resulting in less cold air escaping and increased energy savings. The sleek French Doors also save you valuable kitchen space, with narrower doors that swing open in opposite directions, rather than one wide-swinging door.

Whisper Quiet – Ideal for Open Plan Living

The L4 Grande Series is truly quiet, rated at only 21dBA.
L4Grande Neuro Inverter
21dBA very quiet
Neuro Inverter

Key Features

1. Capsule Case

For convenient and secure storage of smaller items.

2. Adjustable Pockets

Storage is simple with adjustable door pockets, which can change in height to suit the item you’re storing.

3. Tempered Glass Shelves

Heat resistant, easy to clean and adjustable to allow for customisation, these shelves are built to withstand up to 100 kilograms of weight.

4. LED Lighting

The energy efficient LED lighting will illuminate your refrigerator up to 50 times longer than an average refrigerator light bulb.

5. Sliding Humidity Case

Adjustable humidity control allows customisation of the compartment to create the ideal environment for fruit and vegetables ensuring longer lasting freshness.

6. Vitalight Technology

The unique Vitalight Amber LED Lighting System is designed to slow down the wilting process of leafy greens, maintaining their original vitamin and antioxidant levels longer.

7. Sliding Utility Cases

The Utility Case is perfect for separating dairy products, fresh fish or meat and chilling drinks.

8. Large Bottle Pockets

The L4 Grande features large bottle pockets for convenient storage of drinks and condiments.

9. Three Revolving Ice Trays

Three revolving trays release ice cubes into the ice box with a simple twist.

10. Sliding Freezer Cases

The L4 Grande features a large, medium and two smaller storage compartments for frozen foods. This ensures you have an easy to use, well organised freezer.

11. Flat Panel Glass Finish

The stunning glass panel design with integrated handles and concealed LED Touch Control Panel is a real style statement.

12. Twin Fan Multi Airflow

Twin ventilator fans blow and circulate air at various levels throughout the Refrigerator and Freezer Compartments. This allows for even cooling distribution and keeps food fresher for longer.


· Capacity - Total (Net / Gross): 494 / 650 litres · Capacity - Freezer Room (Net / Gross): 121 / 232 litres
· Capacity - Refrigerator Room (Net / Gross): 373 / 418 litres · Dimensions (WxHxD): 950 x 1698 x 764
· Weight: 115 Net / 130 Gross · Castors: 4
· Adjustable Foot: 2
· Cooling System: Multi Airflow · CFC Free: Yes
· Anti-Bacterial Food Liner: Yes · Deodorizer: Yes
· Minus Ion: No · External Control Panel: Yes
· Door Alarm: Yes
Refrigerator and freezer compartment
· Energy Star Rating: 4
· kWh Per Year: 395 · Touch screen control: Yes
· Child safety lock on control panel: Yes · Inverter : Yes
· Eco Mode: Yes
· Fridge - Elevating Shelf: No · Fridge - Three-way Flexishelf: No
· Fridge - Two-way Flexishelf: No · Fridge - Tempered Glass Shelf: x3
· Fridge - Crystal Shelf: No · Fridge - Sliding Chilled Case: No
· Fridge - Utility Case: x2 · Fridge - Egg Shelf: Yes
· Fridge - Vegetable Crisper Rolling Drawer: No · Fridge - Vegetable and Fruit Humidity Case: x1
· Fridge - Vegetable Case: No · Fridge - Vegetable Crisper: No
· Fridge - Light: LED · Fridge - Adjustable Pocket: x1
· Fridge - Door Pocket: x3 · Fridge -Bottle Pocket: x2
· Fridge - Capsule Door Pocket: x1
· Frost Free: Yes · Rapid Cooling: Yes
· Freezer - Freezing Case Large: x1 · Freezer - Freezing Case Medium: x1
· Freezer - Freezing Case Small: x2 · Freezer - Triple Revolving Ice tray: Yes
· Freezer - Ice Box: Yes
· Colour: Glass Silver


Note: Dimension unit (mm). All dimensions include kickplate.





It is strongly recommended to use only lukewarm water and a soft cloth when cleaning. Cleaning agents can cause cracking to both interior and exterior plastic components of your refrigerator.

When removing the required Energy Rating Label off our Stainless Steel refrigerators we recommend using "Tea Tree Oil" or "Eucalyptus Oil" rather than an abrasive cleaner as this may scuff the stainless steel finish.


* Notes: Actual price may differ.
All images used are for illustrative purposes only.
Warranty: 24 months comprehensive parts and labour warranty and a 10 year compressor parts only.
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