KIE402360 :: Replacement light bulb for Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators


Genuine replacement light bulb (lamp). Suitable for most Mitsubishi refrigerator models.

For use in the following Refrigerator/Freezers:

most Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators including MR-BF290B, MR-BF290C, MR-BF325B, MR-BF325C, MR-BF390B, MR-BF390C, MR-260R, MR-260S, MR-260T, MR-260U, MR-260X, MR-260B, MR-260C, MR385R, MR385S, MR385T, MR385U, MR385X, MR385B, MR385C, MR420R, MR420S, MR420T, MR420U, MR420X, MR420B, MR420C, MR455R, MR455S, MR455T, MR455U, MR455X, MR455B, MR455C, MR-C375B, MR-C375C, MR-C405B, MR-C405C, MR-H290S, MR-H290U, MR-H290X, MR-508J, MR-508M, MR-508P, MR-508U, MR-508X, MR-560J, MR-560M, MR-560P, MR-560U, MR-560X, MR-CU375P, MR-CU415P, MR-CU375S, MR-CU415S, MR-CU375T, MR-CU415T,MR-CU375U, MR-CU415U, MR-CU375X, MR-CU415X, MR-255J, MR-360M, MR-395M, MR-360J, MR-395J, (Includes all L, -W & -ST variations)

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