Mitsubishi Electric in New Zealand

Thank you New Zealand – for trusting in Mitsubishi Electric products for over 43 years.

In New Zealand, Mitsubishi Electric is exclusively distributed by locally owned and operated company Black Diamond Technologies (BDT). BDT and Mitsubishi Electric have partnered for over 43 years starting with the introduction of Mitsubishi Electric VCRs in 1981. Together Mitsubishi Electric and BDT have always strived to provide superior technologies for higher efficiency and comfort in New Zealand homes and offices. Working together to supply the best solutions for New Zealand's unique needs and climate.

Mitsubishi Electric is a brand that New Zealanders have trusted for over 43 years. In the 90s it was estimated that every third Kiwi home owned a Mitsubishi Electric Black Diamond VCR. Most people will remember owning a Mitsubishi Electric product whether it was a Black Diamond television or a Cube Microwave. Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to rigorous factory testing and continuous investment in R&D has meant that the quality of Mitsubishi Electric products has continued to be well known even as the product line up has evolved from audio visual into heat pumps and other energy efficient products. Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to developing superior technologies has ensured we can keep delivering on the trust New Zealand places in the three diamonds.

Currently Mitsubishi Electric's product line up in New Zealand includes a range of energy efficient products for homes including; Heat Pumps / Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi Control, Hot Water Heat Pumps, Fresh Air Home Ventilation, Refrigeration, Dehumidifiers, Pedestal Fans and Ventilation Fans. Along with sustainable commercial solutions for NZ buildings including; City Multi VRF, City Multi Hybrid VRF, BMS & Controls, Climaveneta HVAC Solutions, e-Series Modular Chillers, Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps, Lossnay Ventilation, Split Type Heat Pumps, Ventilation Fans, Air Curtains and Hand Dryers.

The combination of an internationally trusted brand with the comfort of a locally owned and operated company means that you will always get the best products and the best support.


Founded in 1981

Mitsubishi Electric arrives in New Zealand distributed exclusively by local company Black Diamond Technologies (BDT). No longer did kiwis need to worry about missing their favourite TV show as the first Mitsubishi Electric product brought into New Zealand was a video recorder (VCR).

1984 - Mitsubishi Electric VS360 Rear Projection TV launched

The introduction of our VS360 Rear Projection Television saw, what was at the time contemporary, a wooden exterior cabinet.

1985 - Mitsubishi Electric releases microwaves

Our first microwave was brought into New Zealand

1986 - The Black Diamond is born

Creating history, we introduced New Zealand’s first black VCR. Dubbed the Black Diamond for the New Zealand market, this product incorporated perfect still frame technology into a bold, defining black unit. The Black Diamond brand became so strong in New Zealand it was subsequently adopted worldwide by Mitsubishi Electric.

1987 - Mitsubishi Electric releases first camcorder

1987 saw the launch of our first camcorder with an upright portable video recorder.

1988 - An icon is born...

Knowing the importance of kitchen space, we released the Cube Microwave Oven and in the process created an icon. Many kitchens still have ‘cube’ shaped microwave spaces today.

1989 - Mitsubishi Electric releases NZ's largest TV

’89 was a busy year, as we released NZ’s largest CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) television – it had a 37 inch screen size! In this same year we also released a 14” portable television – with a retail price of $999!

1989 - First Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps arrive in NZ

Recognising a global need to energy efficient heating, we expanded into the New Zealand air conditioning market, releasing the first Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.

1990 - A new era of communication arrives

Our Mitsubishi DiamondTel 99 Cellular Phone was released and forever changed in-vehicle communication. In this year we also introduced faxes to New Zealand.

1991 - New Zealand welcomes "Auto-Turn" TVs

Our ten year anniversary sees major expansions to the booming television market, with the revolutionary Auto-Turn televisions reaching the market.

1992 - Mitsubishi Electric releases CX Series Camcorders

Our CX series of Camcorders were introduced.

1993 - G-coding added to VCRs

We introduced G-Code programming into our VCRs (for the first time users could select a TV program in advance and using a TV guide code ensure the correct channel was recorded at the correct time).

1996 - Don't you wish...

Our Black Diamond DIVA home theatre was launched and the iconic “Don’t you wish you had a Mitsubishi” song is the cornerstone of DIVA advertising.

1997 - A time of change

Mitsubishi Electric Japan announces global move away from TV and Video Recorder production and the discontinuation of the brand’s core audio/visual products. As the sun set on our AV products, a new chapter began with more focus on our energy efficient compressor driven technologies. This focus continues to drive our product development today.

2000 - Mitsubishi Electric enters refrigeration

The turn of the new millennium saw a new chapter begin as we entered the NZ refrigeration market.

2001 - Mt Cook Hermitage Hotel Project

In 2001 we won our first large City Multi (commercial air conditioning) project at the Mt Cook Hermitage hotel.

2001 - Comfortmaster is introduced

2001 saw the introduction of a new range of inverter high wall and multi-split air conditioning systems. Subsequently this introduction saw us release our first product brochures. Being marketed under Mitsubishi Electric Comfortmaster these quickly became a leading heat pump brand.

2004 - Mitsubishi Electric releases first multi drawer refrigerators in New Zealand

A new age in household refrigeration is reached with the introduction of our Connoisseur Collection. Instantly grabbing NZ's attention, this unique new approach to refrigeration recognised that different foods need different temperature to keep them fresher for longer. Our Connoisseur collection included separate humidity drawer, freezer drawer and an automatic ice maker.

2005 - New Zealand's quietest floor console heat pump arrives

Our MFZ Compact Floor Console Range was released. Like its high wall counterpart Mitsubishi Electric’s superior technologies make this the quietest of its kind at only 22dBA.

2005 - Mitsubishi Electric Oasis range launched

Our Mitsubishi Electric Oasis MJ series of dehumidifiers was launched.

2006 - New Zealand's slimmest heat pump arrives

Continuing the ‘sliming’ down of products, apparent since our inception, the Mitsubishi Electric GB50 is launched.

2006 - Mitsubishi Electric expands refrigeration line up

2006 was a year of innovation as we released new additions to the refrigeration range including an upright frost-free freezer, and bottom mounted fridge freezer.

2006 - Mitsubishi Electric releases G50 Multi Drawer Refrigerator

Multi Drawer refrigeration was taken to another level with the introduction of our Mitsubishi Electric G50 – the first fridge to recognise that different foods require different temperatures with six unique temperature zones.

2006 - As quiet as a cat

From fridges to felines, 2006 saw the reintroduction of a cat into our advertising. As a symbol for quietness, the cat becomes one of the most recognisable elements of our advertising during this time.

2008 - Mitsubishi Electric releases Lossnay domestic ventilation system

The innovative Lossnay ventilation system keeps the air in your home fresher, cleaner and drier. The unique Lossnay core retains the warmth in your home to save energy.

2009 - Heat pump technology evolves to water heating

Our hot water heat pumps were released – allowing the energy efficiency of heat pumps to be applied to water heating.

2009 - HyperCore heat pumps arrive

HyperCore heat pump technology was launched, taking Mitsubishi Electric’s offerings to a new level. Our HyperCore continues to be the only heat pumps capable of providing rated heating capacity in temperatures as low as -15°C –making them New Zealand’s warmest heat pumps.

2009 - New Zealand's quietest ever heat pumps arrive

Our GE Series of high wall heat pumps was released, starting from just 19dBA these are New Zealand’s quietest heat pumps ever.

2011 - Queenstown Hilton: Five Star Comfort

Five star comfort requires five star heating. Therefore, our VRF Commercial air conditioning was installed into the Hilton Queenstown utilising innovative water-sourced technology. This is the largest system of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. Guests can relax in absolute comfort after a long day on the ski slopes.

2011 - First Light house impresses in US Solar Decathlon

The Victoria University First Light team take out third place in the US Solar Decathlon. The student led entry reinvented the concept of a “kiwi batch” and included our Solar PV Panels, Lossnay ventilation and Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.

2011 - Mitsubishi Electric releases Designer Series

It seems appropriate that the company who designed the world’s first black TVs and VCRs would also introduce the first black heat pumps to New Zealand. The elegant Designer Series was launched as part of our multi room range. The range also comes in white and silver.

2011 - Mitsubishi Electric releases next evolution of multi drawer refrigeration

Our Connoisseur E-62 was released. This model took multi drawer refrigeration to another level. It included innovative features such as the unique rotating and elevating shelves, a non-plumbed ice maker and humidity drawer designed to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

2012 – Mitsubishi Electric brings colour into your kitchen

From 2012 colours were introduced into our popular Connoisseur multi drawer range. The range expanded to include stainless steel, white, onyx black, and red to suit every imaginable kitchen decor. These models were readily adopted by New Zealanders and have become a design feature in kitchens nationwide.

2014 – Mitsubishi Electric releases Wi-Fi Control

Always at the leading edge of technology, we introduced Wi-Fi Control to Mitsubishi Electric High Wall and Floor Mounted Heat Pumps. Allowing users to control or monitor their heat pump on-the-go, Wi-Fi Control is designed for convenience and superior comfort.

2014 – Mitsubishi Electric releases RapidHeat Floor Consoles

With the only slim line Floor Console in NZ offering Patented Rapid Heat Technology so you can feel the heat up to twice as fast. Featuring RapidHeat Advanced Sensors with Intuitive Control Logic Technology, for unparalleled low temperature heating performance in the shortest amount of time.

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Mitsubishi Electric in New Zealand