Air Filtration Case Studies

New Zealand case studies of the Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Air Filtration products that are helping to create cleaner, healthier air for homes, schools and workplaces.

Carl is an asthma sufferer in Auckland who turned to the Mitsubishi Electric ElitePure Air Purifier’s advanced air filtration to help keep his airways clear and manage symptoms at night. After a few days, he already felt noticeably more rested in the morning and now having used it for a few weeks; he couldn’t be happier with the results, especially now he no longer needs to rely on nasal sprays to get through the night.
In the rural North Island town of Feilding, a public library is using 4 Mitsubishi Electric ElitePure Air Purifiers to keep their community safe from airborne viruses and illness. Supplied by Chillmax Refrigeration, the Library’s Branch Manager was impressed by the high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rating) which allowed them to have high air filtration with fewer units for staff to maintain - minimising space and the number of power outlets needed to place the air purifiers. In addition, a quiet operating sound was essential and the ElitePure did not disappoint.
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