Zubadan: PUHY-HP

Powerful and flexible Zubadan series for free switching between heating or cooling even in the coldest days of the year down to -25°C.
(Nominal 22.4 - 56kW cooling / 25 - 63kW heating)

Heating or cooling

CITY MULTI ZUBADAN series combines the ultimate in application flexibility and powerful cooling and heating capabilities to deliver precise comfort even in the coldest days of the year down to -25°C.

The technology behind this is a Flash Injection circuit which provides optimum amount of refrigerant to the system via a compressor through a specially designed injection port to ensure a particularly stable operation. With this, ZUBADAN can provide a full heating performance even at -15°C and continuous heating for up to 250 minutes in one continuous cycle, ensuring a phenomenal heating performance at low temperatures.

Outdoor Units

Zubadan Series Condensers PUHY-HP Y(S)HM-A

Nominal capacity

22.4kW to 56kW / 25 - 63kW

All City Multi outdoor units as standard come with Blue Fin treatment to protect the aluminium heat exchanger fins from urban environment pollutants.

“BS” coating can be applied to the outdoor units as an option for additional protection in sea salt environments.

Installation Large Offices

Zubadan: PUHY-HP