Central Control and Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems and Controllers are some of the most important and familiar devices within an air conditioning system. Not only do they provide system control from a common point, but also provide a platform to minimise running costs and conserve energy.

Management from anywhere

Building managers can control all their sites from a central location by simply having an internet connection

  • AE-200E Controller - provides connection to one building site
  • TG-2000A System - controls multiple sites

Web Based Controller

View and control your air conditioning systems all at click of the mouse with remote access via the web based controller. In the unlikely event of a fault, receive emails direct to your maintenance team. Ultimately, the ease of access to controllers enables frequent fine tuning of system performance for greater energy efficiency.

Monitoring Energy Consumption

Accurately monitor building energy consumption down to specific areas and individual indoor units. Mitsubishi Electric’s control systems allow building managers to limit energy consumption by adjusting the cooling and heating set point unit operation or by load shedding.

Remote Controllers

We offer the choice of simple wireless infrared or wired remote controllers to manage all standard features. Functions can be limited or locked to ensure that the system is not misused and operates in an energy efficient manner. To the more advanced wired seven day controller with backlit LCD screen allows you to program up to eight separate start/stop patterns per day over a week.

BMS (Building Management Systems)

Whether a new build or refurbishment, Mitsubishi Electric’s control systems readily integrate with industry standard BMS protocols – BACnet® and LonWorks® providing a single management system covering all aspects of building services.

Controllers and BMS