Commercial Building Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric’s industry leading City Multi VRF technology is designed for today’s building needs. With emphasis placed on energy efficiency, adaptability, reliability and control, City Multi addresses the most current market issues. Utilising integrated air conditioning, hot water, ventilation and control solutions.
Hybrid VRF is a unique 2-Pipe Heat Recovery VRF System that replaces refrigerant with water between the Hybrid Branch Circuit Controller and the indoor units.
Controllers and Building Management Systems are one of the most important and familiar devices in an air conditioning system. Not only do they provide system control from a common point, but also provide a platform to minimise running costs and conserve energy.
Global manufacturer of hydronic systems for air conditioning and heating & IT cooling solutions. Specialising in chillers & heat pumps.
Commercial hydronic chillers and heat pumps. Available in 90kW, 150kW & 180kW Modules. Utilising variable speed compressors & EC fans, providing exceptional efficiency with low noise all in a very small footprint.
VRF Water Heating Units are the latest technology breakthrough from the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Range with the ability to heat water more efficiently than ever before. Mitsubishi Electric’s City Multi Series has the flexibility to adapt efficiently to any building requirement.
Fresh, clean air is an essential ingredient in any climate control system. Good ventilation ensures that the air inside a building is constantly replaced with fresh air from outside. The Lossnay ventilation system recovers energy from stale air to heat incoming fresh air, thus reducing the amount of additional heat required.
View our domestic and light commercial split type heat pumps.
Ventilation solution for a wide range of applications including toilets, changing rooms, meeting rooms and offices
Mitsubishi Electric Air Curtains are the perfect way to provide premises such as retail, restaurants, healthcare and office buildings with a comfortable, clean and hygienic environment while saving energy with a quiet, efficient and powerful operation.
Jet Towel - the high speed hand dryer combines a stylish design, convenience and powerful twin air jets that dries hands almost instantly, blasting water away on both sides. It`s paper-free, low maintenance with high hygiene standards and great cost saving.
Commercial Solutions