Ducted PEA Splittable Central Heat Pumps

The new PEA Splittable Ducted System is the perfect answer for unobtrusive heating and cooling in both new homes and existing homes, thanks to its ability to be split in two during transportation for flexible installation into a roof space*.

*When fully installed the PEA-M HAA should be assembled together in one-piece. Any gaps between the fan deck section and heat exchanger at final install will result in significant pressure loss.

Features of This Series


Next Generation R32 Technology

The entire range of PEA Splittable Series Ducted Systems now features the latest in super-efficient and more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant. With a global warming potential that is 30% lower compared to older refrigerants such as R410A, next-generation R32 refrigerant has a much lower environmental impact. Furthermore, zero ozone-depleting R32 is easier to reuse and recycle.

Flexible Install Options

The PEA Splittable Series indoor unit’s two-piece construction allows the indoor unit to be separated for ease of transportation into the roof space during installation. This two-piece construction makes the PEA Splittable Series an ideal solution for installation into existing homes.

Ideal for Remodelling of Existing Homes

The PEA-M HAA indoor unit can be installed in roof trusses thanks to the two-piece structure. Now you can have the choice of an unobtrusive central ducted heating and cooling solution when renovating your home.

Adaptable Duct Design with High Static Pressure Fan

With a range of external static pressure settings from 50Pa-150Pa (PEA-M HAA) and 75Pa-250Pa (PEA-M LAA), the PEA Splittable Series offer complete flexibility in duct design. The increased variation in airflow options ensures operation that best matches virtually all room layouts.

Versatile and Easy Maintenance

PEA Splittable Series models offer both versatility and easy maintenance options. The convenient two-way access to the fan deck assembly and drain pan means that even when the unit is installed near the ceiling and inaccessible from underneath, the unit is accessible from another side.

Standard or Deluxe Outdoor Units

Standard Range of our PEA Splittable Ducted Systems, available for PEAM100/125/140HAA models, are the ideal economical solution for buildings or homes where extended pipe runs are not necessary. The Deluxe Outdoor Unit offers longer pipe runs, slightly lower sound pressure levels and extended guaranteed heating down to -20°C.

One of New Zealand’s Largest Single-Phase Ducted Systems

The new PEA-M180LAA removes the need for costly 3-phase power building upgrades. While also available as a three-phase system, the single-phase 18kW ducted system ensures optimal comfort without the hassle or expense of additional electrical modifications.

New and Improved PEA 25kW

The latest PUZ-ZM250 is a game-changer: 58% smaller, 30% lighter, 23% quieter, and boasting an extended pipe run of 100m (up from 75m), when compared to our previous model*. Experience cutting-edge technology that maximises space, minimises weight, and boosts install flexibility.

*Compared to the previous PUHZ-RP250 model.

Unified Outdoor Unit Design

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your space, the PUZ Deluxe range of outdoor units are all uniform in size. From 10kW all the way up to 25kW, these compact outdoor units can also easily fit inside a Heat Pump Cover*, ensuring they not only remain hidden from view but also compliment the aesthetic harmony of your architecture and building.

For more information on Heat Pump Covers click here

Optional Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation

The Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay System is a heat recovery ventilation solution that can be integrated with the PEA Splittable Series. The two systems work together to further increase energy savings while ventilating your home to remove stale air and help control moisture. The Lossnay System will recover the energy from stale air to pre-heat and pre-cool incoming fresh air, reducing the amount of additional heating or cooling required. Both systems can be controlled from one central wall mounted controller for optimum ease of use.

Optional Wi-Fi Control: Elevate Comfort, Maximize Efficiency

Upgrade your system with optional Wi-Fi Control. Make real-time adjustments on the go, no matter where you are via remote access. Optimize energy efficiency with smart scheduling and customizable zone/room control.

Optional Zone Controller

The optional Zone Controller brings intuitive yet simple control to a whole new level, with the ability to control up to eight zones, automatic unloading/ramping and energy saving sensor functions.

Ducted PEA Splittable