Large Capacity PKA High Wall Heat Pumps

The large capacity PKA Series is both elegant and compact. With greater placement options and high airflow, PKA Series units are ideal for light commercial use (i.e. offices, stores, and server rooms).

Features of This Series


The next generation of R32 Mr Slim commercial range* is here!

Our extended Mr Slim Range now offers a wide selection of market leading R32 Solutions in addition to a base range of R410A models. The new R32 range additions feature the latest in super-efficient and more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, enabling the integration of more cost savings into any HVAC design. Featuring a GWP of 675, R32 refrigerant is highly energy efficient and with a volumetric capacity that is around 20% higher compared to R410A, system refrigerant volumes are significantly lower. Furthermore the new R32 models blend a host of outstanding features with a premium quality, sophisticated design. Offering high efficiencies, advanced control options and extended pipe runs, the range is extremely flexible and cost effective.

Benefits of R32 compared to R410A

  • 66% lower GWP of 675
  • More environmentally friendly
  • 20% less refrigerant volume requirement
  • Overall higher systems efficiency
  • Easy to handle, reuse and recycle

*When connected to PUZ-ZM71 and PUZ-M/ZM100~140 R32 Outdoor units

Replace technology has been incorporated into the R32 Mr Slim P-Series*

Replacing an R22 or an R410a system with an R32 equivalent system while retaining the existing pipe work can be easily achieved while keeping the product warranty intact. HAB oil and scroll compressor technology improvements allows this unique feature to apply to this product.

*When connected to PUZ-ZM71 and PUZ-M/ZM100~140 R32 Outdoor units

Quick Clean Grille

The intake grille can easily slide out completely, allowing easy cleaning without any special tools; making it easy to clean in minutes by washing in water

Auto-Vane Shutter

The vane closes automatically when the unit is not running, creating a sleek flat finish that is aesthetically pleasing.

Wired Remote Controller Available (Optional)

A separately sold wired remote controller and terminal block are available to suit various installation sites. When connecting a wired remote controller the MAC-333IF-E interface is not required.

Wi-Fi Control Upgrade

With the addition of award-winning Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control, you can control and monitor your heat pump from absolutely anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or online account.

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Optional Plasma Quad Connect for Healthier Air

Designed to integrate with your existing PKA Heat Pump, this high-performance two-stage advanced air filtration module, cleans and minimises dust and other allergens for better indoor air quality, all year round.

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Large PKA Series