Did you know replacing your old heat pump could save you over $400 a year?

Is your aging or malfunctioning heat pump struggling to keep up?

If your system is over a decade old, now might be the perfect time to upgrade to a more efficient and reliable solution. With Mitsubishi Electric's Pipe Reuse Technology, you can use existing pipework saving you time and reducing installation costs.

But the savings don’t stop there, in fact you can put up to $400 back into your pocket every year! And that is because heat pumps that are older than 10 years relied on R22 or R410A refrigerants, which are far less efficient compared to the advanced options available today.

With over 2 million aging systems out there still using these refrigerants, it's time to consider an upgrade.

Key Benefits of Newer Heat Pumps

  • More energy efficient
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Save on running costs
  • Quieter operation
  • Wi-Fi Control compatible
  • Better filtration

Why Upgrade an Older R22 or R410A System?

There are a host of reasons why making this change is a great decision:

Real World Money Savings

You can experience significant reductions in your bills as the exceptional energy efficiency of R32 based systems maximises cost savings.

Unleash Energy Efficiency

Upgrading to a R32 system unlocks the power of energy efficiency. Greater heating and cooling capacities can be enjoyed while consuming less energy, making your home or office an energy-efficient haven.

Enjoy Quiet Comfort

There is nothing worse than an old noisy heat pump that keeps you up at night. Over the last 10 years sound levels have improved dramatically. Mitsubishi Electric leads the industry with a line-up of heat pumps that include some of New Zealand’s quietest heat pumps.

Go Green, Save the Planet

By choosing an R32 based heat pump system, you make an eco-conscious decision. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. With its lower GWP (Global Warming Potential), R32 is the responsible choice for a sustainable future.

Seamless Compatibility, Hassle-Free Upgrade

Upgrading to a R32 based system is a breeze with Mitsubishi Electric’s Pipe Reuse Technology.

With Pipe Reuse Technology only the Indoor and Outdoor Units are Replaced, Providing the Following Benefits

  • Reduces installation costs of installing a R32 system, making unit only replacement viable for many customers where a complete air conditioning system would not be.
  • Limited disruption to business operation and working/home environment during installation with the elimination of having to remove and then replace pipework. The indoor units can often be replaced over a weekend, to further minimise the disruption.
  • Pipe Reuse Technology can also be used for heat pump systems which previously used equipment made by other manufacturers. Replace Technology enables such systems to be replaced with highly efficient Mitsubishi Electric units.

Reusing Existing Piping has Many Benefits in Replacing Heat Pump Systems

Don't let an outdated or broken heat pump compromise your comfort. Mitsubishi Electric’s Pipe Reuse Technology makes upgrading simple and cost-effective, allowing you to enjoy enhanced comfort, reduced energy costs, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Don't hesitate to improve your home's heating and cooling system.

Schedule your free in-home consultation and learn how easy it is to upgrade to a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump.

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