Pipe Reuse Technology

Replacement and Pipe
Reuse Technology

As part of its Core Environmental Policy and commitment to the restoration of the global environment, the Mitsubishi Electric new R32 line-up now features Pipe Reuse Technology. This unique technology allows for the replacement of old, inefficient R22 systems (which are now phased out) with new, low-GWP R32 heat pump systems without having to replace the existing pipework of the old system but rather, reuse the pipework and wiring to make way for the new R32 system.

Pipe Reuse

No Need to Clean at the Time of System Replacement.

Normally reusing the existing piping without pipe cleaning or replacement of pipes causes the deterioration of refrigerant oil and/or clogging of the refrigerant circuit. Chloride residue build-up in existing pipes can be a source of trouble and iron particles and sludge produced in the event of a compressor failure.

All of these aspects can lead to the malfunction of the heat pump and ultimately make it challenging to reuse the existing pipework and wiring if not maintained properly. To counter this, Mitsubishi Electric has applied several unique technologies to allow for “cleaning-free pipe reuse”.

Countermeasure for Chloride Residue, Iron Particles and Sludge – Original High Quality Filtration.

Mitsubishi Electric R32 and R410A outdoors are equipped with a “wide strainer” device within the refrigerant inlet and outlet pipe. The wide strainer traps iron particles, allowing cleaning-free pipe reuse.

Countermeasure for High Heat Generated During Operation – Friction Reduction.

Friction inside the compressor is reduced by using technology unique to Mitsubishi Electric. The Heat Caulking Fixing Method, or coating the edge of the blade in the scroll compressor, suppresses the increase in temperature that causes refrigerant oil deterioration.

Wiring Reuse

Resolves wiring recycling issues, compatible with other wiring connection methods*. The wiring method has been improved by Mitsubishi Electric, making it possible to use methods which differ from those normally utilised for standard control and power supply configurations.

With the use of the power supply terminal kit, Mitsubishi Electric P-Series outdoor units are compatible with the dual harness control line/power line and separate power supply methods. Using a power-supply terminal kit, wiring can be efficiently reused at the time of system renewal regardless of the method the existing system uses.

* Usage may be limited due to wiring type diameter

Re-using existing piping has many benefits in replacing heat pump systems.


  • Cuts down on extensive work behind walls or above ceilings to install new piping
  • Reduces the number of intensive tasks such as welding work


  • Reduces material costs associated with new piping
  • Reduces costs associated with the disposal of waste material
  • Reduces labour costs

Environmentally Responsible

  • Reduces waste materials for disposal such as ceiling materials and old pipework
Replacement and Pipe Reuse Technology