Dual Barrier Coating Technology

Keeps Your Heat Pump Clean, Maximising Energy Efficiency

Dual Barrier Coating keeps key internal components cleaner to maximise energy efficient performance and minimise internal odour build-up.

The Importance of Minimising Internal Dust and Dirt Build-Up

Have you often found that a heat pump has developed a musty or dirty smell problem? Chances are the likely cause is the accumulation of dirt and dust on internal surfaces. This is usually the case when key internal components are not regularly cleaned. Furthermore, internal contaminant build-up is also likely to impact airflow, forcing a heat pump to work harder and as a result, impact its energy efficiency. It is therefore vital that you regularly clean or have your heat pump maintained by a professional to prevent these issues from happening. In response to this, Mitsubishi Electric has developed their patented Dual Barrier Coating to specifically help heat pump owners get the most out of their system’s performance.

Comparison of Dirt on Heat Exchanger, Fan and Air Duct

Dual Barrier Coating Key Benefits:

  • Keeps the heat pump clean all year round
  • Minimises internal odour build-up
  • Helps prevent degradation of the heat pump’s efficient performance
  • Projected to minimise reduction of energy efficiency after 10 years by up to 18%
  • Projected to minimise reduction of air volume after 10 years by up to 30%

State-Of-The-Art Internal Component Coating Technology

The patented and world’s first Dual Barrier Coating developed by Mitsubishi Electric is your answer for preventing dust, dirt and oil build-up on key internal components of the indoor unit. It is a unique feature of the Black Diamond LN Series and our EcoCore AP Series High Wall Heat Pumps.
Heat Exchanger
Fan Coil

Two-Stage Coating

The Dual Barrier Coating is a two-stage shield applied specifically to the indoor heat exchanger, fan coil and internal ductworks.
  • The first coating is blended with fluorine particles that prevent hydrophilic dirt penetration
  • The second coating is blended with hydrophilic particles to prevent hydrophobic dirt from getting into the heat pump

Effective Against Two Types of Dirt

Generally found in air-conditioned areas, dirt can be classified into two groups:
  • Hydrophilic dirt is dirt such as fibre dust and sand dust
  • Hydrophobic dirt is dirt such as oil and cigarette smoke
The consequences of this type of internal build-up can mean unpleasant odours, mould and a reduction in airflow volume. It also forces a heat pump to work harder, which can result in significantly impacted performance efficiency.

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