Quietness Technology

Unbeatable Quietness

We recognise that noise affects comfort, so we constantly work to make our heat pumps as quiet as possible. Our RapidHeat Floor Console and AP Series High Wall indoor units are New Zealand’s quietest starting from just 18dBA*, indoor sound level. Because we want you to feel the warmth, not hear it.

*18dBA MSZ-AP25 and MFZ-KW25/35/42 indoor sound level on lowest fan setting in heating mode.

What is quiet?

Sound exposure, measured in decibels (dBA), reflects pressure on your eardrum and grows exponentially with every extra 10dBA accounting for double the perceived sound level. It is important to take this into consideration when looking for a heat pump, especially as extraneous noise in your living and sleeping areas has been proven to be detrimental to your wellbeing.

In the context of appliances, a dishwasher registers around 55dBA and a washing machine on spin cycle registers at around 75dBA. So it’s easy to see why our heat pumps are considered so very quiet. As an idea of healthy sound levels for your home, the Night Noise Guidelines for Europe defines sleep disturbance at 42dBA, general annoyance at 32dBA, and 55dBA as likely to have a negative impact on children’s learning. It follows that when buying a heat pump for your home, the quietest available is all you should settle for. Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are just that.

Quietness on All Fan Speeds

Some manufacturers are happy for their heat pumps to operate quietly only on their lowest fan setting. Our heat pumps are designed to work differently, giving you quietly superior comfort on all our heat pumps on all fan speeds.

How are Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps Quieter?

Our quest for quietness begins at factory level. Our heat pumps are subjected to rigorous testing at our confidential sound testing facility and sound ratings are then independently certified.

Unique Quietness Technology

Fan Design

Our larger fan diameter enables the motor to run at a slower speed while maintaining the same air volume. Smaller fans have to spin faster to move more air, creating more noise as air passes over the fan tips.

Coil Design

The larger surface area of our coils enables the indoor unit to maintain a higher temperature. So less air needs to be passed across the coil to achieve the same indoor temperature and less air, means less noise.


Our larger air inlet duct allows air to flow freely, reducing noise as it leaves the heat pump. Think of whistling, it is pretty hard to whistle when your mouth is open wide, the same principle applies here.

Indoor Unit

Our indoor unit casing has been designed to be robust so that minimal noise is created when operating i.e. no rattling or shaking.

Unbeatable Quietness