HyperCore® Technology

New Zealand’s best low temperature performance heat pump, guaranteed.

Did you know ordinary heat pumps start to produce less heat below 7 degrees? The reduction in heat produced by ordinary heat pumps is often especially noticeable when temperatures drop below zero degrees. This is because at these low temperature conditions ordinary heat pumps can really struggle to cope. So it is good to know there is a heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric that is specifically designed to ensure its fully rated capacity is produced, on all those cold frosty days. We call it Mitsubishi Electric Hypercore Technology. In fact, it is the only heat pump in New Zealand that guarantees it fully rated heating capacity right down to -15 degrees! It’s our guarantee that no matter where you live, if you experience frosty winter days, it will give you the peace of mind you will get all the heat you paid for whilst feeling the warmth when it matters most.

Ground frost occurs when the air at ground level is chilled below freezing point.

The map below shows just how many ground frost days there are right across New Zealand during winter. In these low temperature conditions the performance of normal heat pumps would deteriorate, but advanced HyperCore® Technology means you can rely on the Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore® Range to keep you warm when you need it most. The Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore® Range includes the only heat pumps that guarantee this level of advanced performance.

Mean number of days per year of ground frost according to the NIWA website. Ground frost occurs when the air at ground level is chilled below freezing point.

HyperCore Technology

NZ’s Best Heating Performance in Cold Conditions

If you experience cold temperatures and/or high humidity during the winter months then a HyperCore high wall is perfect for you. The only heat pump guaranteed to produce its fully rated capacity right down to -15 degrees, HyperCore ensures superior heating performance, regardless of outdoor temperatures. As the graph (right) shows, even though both heat pumps are rated to provide 6kW of heat, their performance differs greatly as the temperature drops. While the standard heat pump produces less heat, the FB50 6kW HyperCore High Wall model continues to deliver the full 6kW you paid for. The best low temperature performance heat pump combined with rapid heating ensures warmth when you need it most.

Think of it this way.

A small car that has to pull a heavy trailer is likely to struggle and could double its normal fuel consumption.
A large SUV on the other hand is specifically designed to pull heavy loads. In comparison to the small car pulling a trailer, it is likely to do this quicker, more effective and with greater fuel efficiency because its total performance is not compromised by the additional load it now needs to tow.

New Zealand’s Best Low Temperature Heating Performance, Guaranteed.

Superior Heat Output – The HyperCore Guarantee

No other heat pump in New Zealand is guaranteed to perform at its peak from +7°C to –15°C. Our HyperCore Heat Pumps will not lower their heating performance even when it is snowing outside. So you can be assured that you will be kept snug throughout winter. HyperCore is also highly recommended for humid and high altitude areas.

HyperCore Compressor

HyperCore Heat Pumps are fitted with a ‘heating caulking compressor’ unique to Mitsubishi Electric. The compressor is extremely efficient in its construction and performance. This compressor moves more vapour volume for less energy input and allows the compressor to maintain efficiency and higher revolutions.

HyperCore Advanced Defrost Logic

When temperatures drop below zero degrees ice will build up on the outdoor unit of any heat pump. How the heat pump reacts to this determines how effective it will be in providing heat to your home. To remove the ice build up the heat pump will need to go into “defrost ” and during this time the heat pump will not be delivering heat into your home. HyperCore’s defrost logic has been fine tuned to decrease the number of defrost periods required and optimise its heating performance.

Heating performance to -25°C

All Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore Heat Pumps have an extended heating operation range that allows heating to -25°C. To achieve this, the system logic within HyperCore Heat Pumps has been refined to decrease the number of defrost cycles required under colder ambient conditons. Additionally, all HyperCore Heat Pump outdoor units incorporate a 130 watt drain tray de-icer. This de-icer prevents ice forming on the base, which due to ice expansion would inadvertently effect the performance of the unit. Importantly this de-icer does not supplement the heating cycle in any way, and will not operate under most ambient conditions above zero degrees.

Our range of HyperCore® Heat Pumps

Heating performance in cold conditions