Black Smart Touch Controller


Our PAR-CT01 Wall-Mounted Touch Controller offers a full colour touch panel and backlit display. Featuring multiple colour patterns as well as customisation allowing for personalised logo display. PAR-CT01 offers an array of advanced features including expanded language selection and control parameter customisation including a specialised Hotel Setting mode for simplified operation.


Full Colour Touch Panel & Backlit Display

3.5inch HVGA Full Colour LCD display featuring large-sized icons for easy operation and display of Temperature Setting, Operation Mode, Fan Speed, Vane Control, Ventilation Mode, Louvre Control.

Logo Image Customisation

A company or personal logo can be displayed on the initial screen.

Multiple Colour Patterns

180 colour patterns can be selected for the display's control parameters or backgroud

Control Parameter Customisation

Users can customise or limit the panel to display selected parameters only. A special Hotel Setting mode allows simple operation only, displaying only ON/OFF, set temperature and fan speed.

Language Selection

The screen's display can be selected from 14 languages:
English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, German, Dutch, Russion, Czech, Hungarian and Polish.