Unique benefits of hot water heat pumps

Mitsubishi Electric Hot Water Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat hot water all year round. A highly efficient inverter system utilising an environmentally friendly refrigerant allows the system to continue providing heat even with outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C.

According to EECA, hot water usage accounts for up to 30% of a home’s annual power bill. Hot Water Heat Pumps can provide energy efficient solutions for all applications where water is required to be heated or cooled.

Energy Efficiency

Hot water heat pumps offer the highest levels of energy efficiency with the ability to provide 3-4kW of heat energy for every 1kW used.

How efficient is a Hot Water Heat Pump?

A Co-Efficient of Performance (COP) is a ratio of heat energy produced compared to electrical energy consumed by an appliance. The higher the COP, the less energy is consumed to produce the same amount of heat. A comparison of COP’s shows that electric heating has a COP of 1; meaning for every 1kW of energy consumed only 1kW of heat is produced. Gas heating is even lower at 0.85, which means for every 1kW consumed only 0.85kW of useful heat is produced.

Mitsubishi Electric Hot Water Heat Pumps are extremely energy efficient and can achieve COP’s between 3-4, meaning they can produce between 3-4kW of heat for every 1kW consumed. As no fossil fuels are burnt directly in the operation of a heat pump, CO2 emissions are also greatly reduced when compared to gas or oil-fired boilers.

Lowest Running Costs

The more energy efficient a heating system is, the cheaper it is to run. Hot water heat pumps offer the cheapest kW/h hot water heating available.

Weather Compensation

Weather compensation can detect changes in outdoor ambient conditions, allowing the hot water heat pump to adjust the water temperature. This ensures the right amount of heat is produced without excess wastage.

Convenient Comfort

Hot water heat pumps supply warm water to deliver radiant energy to heat your flooring and potable water system. Easy to use controls allow you to adjust temperature settings at the touch of a button.

Multi Functional

Hot water heat pumps can be installed for a range of applications from swimming and spa pool heating, to sanitary hot water, under floor heating and fan coil cooling.

Unobtrusive Heating

There is no need to worry about furniture placement or using valuable floor space as heat produced by hot water heat pumps radiates from the floor up.

Year Round Heating

Hot water heat pumps provide energy efficient year round water heating, operating effectively in both high and low outdoor ambient temperatures.


Hot water heat pumps are the perfect option when you have children and pets, as there are no hot surfaces they are a safe heating option.

Unique benefits of hot water heat pumps