Refurbished Bungalow in Greymouth

This 100-year-old family home is located in Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island. The bungalow is typical of the houses built around that period in New Zealand and required an updated hot water and space heating solution.

The Goal

Having lived there for around 10 years, the owners decided to start a family. Their immediate thought was how to keep their new bundle of joy warm and healthy wherever he was regardless of the temperature outside.

The Challenge

To heat an entire 100-year-old bungalow required an upgrade to the insulation and heating system. They specifically needed a heating solution that had enough power to satisfy the heat load but remain energy efficient so it is affordable to run.

Another consideration was the coastal environment where any external element needed to have reliability and longevity.

The Solution

With ongoing improvements to the fabric of the building, they decided to have central heating where radiators were retrofitted. Pipe-runs ran below the floor to maintain the aesthetic of the building. A Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump System with an integrated controller and room thermostat in the indoor Hydrobox was chosen ̶ meaning they have year-round warmth regardless of what is happening with the weather outside.

Compared to traditional hydronic heating methods such as gas or oil, Ecodan is not only far more energy efficient but also has a much lower carbon footprint. The owners were also concerned that the radiators would be a scalding risk to their child. However, since the system runs at lower temperatures than traditional gas or oil, the radiators are only warm to touch.

Super-Efficient Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump

An 8.5kW capacity Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump System was the natural solution for their requirements. Being super-efficient, it has the ability to effectively heat the radiator water quickly and using far less energy compared to other traditional heat sources.

A Hydrobox indoor system was chosen that conveniently comes pre-plumbed and pre-wired and incorporates a user interface with an integral thermostat. The simple-to-use controls enable anyone to adjust the temperature as required. Also, behind the simple interface is an advanced control strategy designed to maximise energy efficiency by compensating for the outdoor ambient temperature with the built-in inverter.

Built-In Smart Control with Energy Monitoring

The integrated controller offers state-of-the-art energy monitoring and management of the Ecodan System. As a result, they now have the visibility and freedom to efficiently manage their overall water heating power consumption. The Time Scheduler enables the family to take advantage of off-peak tariffs, to save even more on their electricity bill.

External Marine Coating to Combat Environmental Elements

Standard with all Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps, this system came with a special external coating. This reduces the effects of the harsh salty air in the area on the fan coil and PCB boards, making it ideal for the coastal location.

The Result

The owners were guided by the World Health Organisation recommendation that the ideal indoor temperature for infants is 21°C. Choosing the Ecodan System achieved their goal of staying warm and healthy throughout the cold winter months. With the modernisation of the heating system, there no longer was a downside to living in a 100-year-old bungalow. Furthermore, they also identified that the refurbishment enabled them to maintain lower-run costs and minimise CO2 emissions.

Equipment Breakdown

Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump Outdoor Unit
1 x PUHZ-W85VHA-BS 8.5kW Outdoor Unit

Ecodan Packaged Hydrobox Indoor Unit
1x EHPX-VM2C Hydrobox Indoor Unit

Built-In Controller
FTC5 Controller


Published: Thursday, 9 July 2020


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