Next Generation Hot Water Heat Pumps

How Quiet Are Hot Water Heat Pumps?

Quiet Outdoor Operation – Ideal for Higher Density Housing

With higher density housing becoming more common in New Zealand, quiet outdoor operation is important if you want to keep your neighbours happy!

Designed especially for residential applications the new 6.0kW, 8.5kW and 11.2kW outdoor units are 3dBA quieter than previous models.

Specific design features enable quiet outdoor operation to be maintained at all times. This ultra quiet operation means home owners can now choose the most convenient location for their Ecodan without disturbing neighbours. This allows improved flexibility in the location of the air source heat pump making it ideal for areas that are particularly sensitive to outdoor noise.

Ecodan has always been one of the quietest hot water heat pumps on the market, and the new ultra quiet Ecodan operates discreetly with an industry leading outdoor sound pressure level as low as 45dBA*

* Measured at 1m from the front of the outdoor unit operating under normal heating conditions at outdoor temperature 7°CDB/ 6°CWB, outlet water temperature 55°C, inlet water temperature 47°C as tetsed toBSEN14511.

Quiet Outdoor Operation