Oasis Dehumidifiers

The Multifunctional Dehumidifier for Year-Round Use

To ensure your home is healthy, you must first ensure it is dry. Preventing moisture in your home will not only protect your furnishings and property, but also your family’s wellbeing. Mitsubishi Electric Oasis Dehumidifiers are designed to be multifunctional home dryers. As well as targeting and extracting moisture from your home, additional features such as laundry drying, mildew prevention, and air purification ensure a healthier home for your family.

Our Mitsubishi Electric Oasis Classic 16L Dehumidifier is designed with efficiency and compact style in mind. Offering you stylish and unobtrusive whole home drying for New Zealand conditions.
Our Mitsubishi Electric Oasis Classic 22L Dehumidifier allows you to reach new levels of moisture removal, subtly. While most dehumidifiers available are large and bulky, our 22L dehumidifier will complement any home. Designed specifically for New Zealand conditions, the Oasis 22L offers you market-leading technology.
The Oasis Pure 3-in-1 sets the new standard for dehumidifiers. Inverter technology makes this our most energy efficient and quietest model ever. With its extra-large 38L capacity, next-generation Triple Hex Heat Exchanger and built-in Advanced Air Purification System, you can breathe cleaner, healthier air all year long. Intelligent Laundry Mode ensures quick efficient drying of your washing in winter. The Oasis Pure 3-in-1 well and truly redefines multifunctionality like never before!