Which Lossnay fresh air ventilation system is right for me?

Choosing the right sized ventilation system is vital to ensuring year round comfort. Use the sizing tool to give you an indication of the best ventilation system for your home. Please note the selector tool should be used as a guide; for a ventilation system solution tailored to your home please arrange a free in-home consultation with one of our qualified installers.

What are your concerns?

How insulated is your home?

What is your main heating?

House info:

Age: years
Size: (m2) area*1
Ceiling: (m) height
Rooms: Bedrooms*2

Is there a roof cavity/attic:

Is there underfloor space:

What type of house?

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*1 Size: the area you wish to ventilate, either whole house or room size.
*2 Rooms: either domestic bedrooms or commercial rooms to ventilate.