With new Built New Zealand homes getting more air tight than ever. In addition to heating and cooling, the optimum amount of circulating fresh air is paramount to achieving the perfect indoor climate for better health and overall well-being. A Lossnay Fresh Air Home Ventilation Systems is the ideal solution for new build home designs.
Quickly exhaust contaminants and moisture with these quiet and stylish exhaust ventilation fans that are ideal for your home or commercial applications.
Sturdy, very quiet and reliable, the Mitsubishi Electric range of Centrifugal In-Line Fans are the ideal ventilation solution for a wide range of applications including toilets, changing rooms, meeting rooms and offices. The advanced Air Duct Design features a new split silencer which not only results in low noise operation, but also delivers more even and efficient, high volume air changes.
Swap stale air for fresh... and save on heating. The Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery Systems set a new standard in ventilation by recovering heat from the air inside your home or office and transferring it to fresh, dry air introduced from outside. Not only providing energy recovery savings in winter by warming the cold fresh air to an acceptable level but also providing the same excellent energy efficiency in summer. Lossnay heat exchangers have an efficiency of approximately 82% thereby eliminating the need for additional electric elements.
Optional parts and filters for your Lossnay systems.