WY-Series: PQHY

A water energy source system that allows switching between cooling and heating
(Nominal 22.4 – 101.0kW cooling / 25.0 – 113.0kW heating).

Water sourced heating or cooling

The CITY MULTI WY-Series provides all the benefits of the Y-Series using water cooled heat source units. Heat source units can be situated indoors for greater design flexibility with no limitations on building size. Depending on capacity, up to 50 indoor units can be connected to a single heat source unit with individualized and/or centralized control. The two-pipe system allows all CITY MULTI units to switch between cooling and heating while maintaining a constant indoor temperature.

Heat Source Units

WY-Series PQHY-P Y(S)LM-A1

Nominal capacity

22.4 – 101.0kW / 25.0 – 113.0kW


WY-Series: PQHY