WR2-Series: PQRY

Advanced water heat source for simultaneous heating and cooling 2-pipe system. (Nominal 22.4 - 101kW cooling / 25 - 113kW heating)

Water sourced simultaneous heating and cooling

The advantages of a water heat source system have been added to the air heat source CITY MULTI series, making it suitable for wider range of applications in high rises, frigid climates, coastal areas, etc. The models operate in the same way as the air cooled versions, but do not suffer the need to defrost and are ideal retro-fit to existing water cooled building systems.

Outdoor Units

WR2-Series WR2-Series PQRY-P Y(S)LM-A

Nominal capacity

22.4 to 101kW / 25 - 113kW


Double heat recovery (WR2)


WR2-Series: PQRY