WR2-Series: PQRY-P

Advanced water heat source unit with the benefits of the R2-Series
(Nominal 22.4 – 101.0kW cooling / 25.0 – 113.0kW heating).

Water sourced simultaneous heating and cooling

The CITY MULTI WR2-Series provides all of the advantages of the R2-Series with the added benefits of a water heat source system, making it suitable for a wider range of applications in high-rise buildings, cold climates, coastal areas, etc. Not only does it recover heat from the indoor units along the same 2-pipe refrigerant circuit, it also recovers heat via the water circuit between heat source units, making it a very economical system.

Heat Source Units

WR2-Series PQRY-P Y(S)LM-A1

Nominal capacity

22.4 – 101.0kW / 25.0 – 113.0kW


WR2-Series: PQRY-P