R2 High COP series simultaneous heating and cooling.
(Nominal 22.4 - 124kW cooling / 25 - 140kW heating)

Simultaneous heating and cooling

The R2 system provides simultaneous cooling and heating. With the BC Controller connecting several indoor units to one outdoor unit using only two pipes and energy-saving heat recovery operation, economy and efficiency are guaranteed. Smooth auto-switching (heating and cooling) based on a set temperature realizes convenient operation and a comfortable environment.

Outdoor Units

R2 High COP Series PURY-EP Y(S)NW-A

Nominal capacity

22.4kW to 124kW / 25 - 140kW

All City Multi outdoor units as standard come with Blue Fin treatment to protect the aluminium heat exchanger fins from urban environment pollutants.

“BS” coating can be applied to the outdoor units as an option for additional protection in sea salt environments.

New Heat Exchanger Technology

The heat exchanger of the outdoor unit has been drastically changed. Our new EP (high COP) model’s use a world-first aluminum flat-tube heat exchanger as a heat exchanger of the outdoor unit. The flat tubes can reduce airflow resistance, and the larger number of tubes can be installed in the flat-tube heat exchanger compared to our conventional heat exchanger, which can increase the surface area that is in contact with the refrigerant, and the heat exchange performance can be greatly improved. Our new air conditioner can, therefore, operate at higher SEER/SCOP, and maintain the required cooling/heating capacity.