R2-Series High COP: PURY-EP

The world’s first* two-pipe system that simultaneously cools and heats
(Nominal 22.4 – 124.0kW cooling / 25.0 – 140.0kW heating).

*As of 1992 (according to our in-house survey)

Simultaneous heating and cooling

The CITY MULTI R2-Series offers the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Cool one zone while heating another. Our exclusive BC controller makes two-pipe simultaneous cooling and heating possible. It is the technological heart of the CITY MULTI R2-Series. It houses a liquid and gas separator, allowing the outdoor unit to deliver a mixture of hot gas for heating and liquid for cooling, all through the same pipe. This innovation results in virtually no energy wasted by being expelled outdoors. Depending on capacity, up to 50 indoor units can be connected with up to 150% connected capacity.

Outdoor Units

R2-Series High COP PURY-EP Y(S)NW-A1(-BS)

Nominal capacity

22.4 – 124.0kW / 25.0 – 140.0kW

All City Multi outdoor units as standard come with Blue Fin treatment to protect the aluminium heat exchanger fins from urban environment pollutants.

“BS” coating can be applied to the outdoor units as an option for additional protection in sea salt environments.

Flat-tube heat exchanger

The flat-tube heat exchanger delivers high heat exchange efficiency. The use of flat tubes increases the number of piping stages while maintaining the same size of heat exchanger. The inside of the tube is divided into thin compartments to increase the area of contact between the refrigerant and air, and thereby increase heat exchange effectiveness and significantly improve energy-saving performance. The flat-tube heat exchanger improves heat exchange effectiveness by approximately 30% compared to round-tube heat exchangers.


R2-Series High COP: PURY-EP