Setting the Standard in Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

Since releasing their first wall mounted split system heat pump in 1968, Mitsubishi Electric has been a world leader in heat pump technology. Staying at the forefront of technology is of utmost importance to Mitsubishi Electric. Their commitment to rigorous factory testing and continuous investment in R&D ensures products are of the highest quality and feature superior technology.

Your Guarantee of Excellence

The MEQ emblem is your assurance of the very best in technology and quality, representing continuous efforts from Mitsubishi Electric in making our heat pumps the industry standard.

Every Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump is a product of thorough research, relentless testing and a resolute determination to improve upon vital performance characteristics.

Quality you can rely on
  • All units line tested
  • Performance tested
  • 800 hour heat stress test
  • 2000 hour endurance test

As a result, our heat pumps have set the standard in superior energy efficiency, are more durable, less costly to operate, quieter, easier to install and maintain and better able to distribute air evenly throughout any type of interior.

This commitment to quality enables our products to create remarkably pleasant environments that will ultimately make the life of consumers more comfortable in the most energy efficient and safe way possible.

Energy Efficiency

Government agency EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) has identified heat pumps as one of the most energy efficient forms of heating available in New Zealand. This is because heat pumps do not create heat; they simply move available heat from one place to another. The little electrical energy that is needed is predominantly used to run the compressor.

In fact heat pumps are so efficient that typically, 1kW of electrical energy you put in, your heat pump will produce around 4kW of heat energy out. This efficiency is represented as a COP (Coefficient of Performance), a good heat pump, operated correctly will have a COP of around 4.

Compare this to:

Electric bar heater - COP of 1

Gas heating – typical COP of 0.85

Wood fire – typical COP of 0.65

What to look for:

When looking specifically at electrical appliances, Energy Rating Labels are good indicators of how well an appliance performs.

Energy Efficiency