Light Commercial PKA100 High Wall Heat Pump with Wi-Fi

Large Room System // PKA-M100KAL + MAC-588IF-E

The PKA100 heat pump, with its compact dimensions, high capacity and greater placement options, is perfect for offices and retail stores. Upgraded with a Wi-Fi Interface, your heating and cooling can be controlled no matter where you are - so you'll always arrive home to total comfort.

Cooling Capacity10.0 kW
Heating Capacity11.2 kW
Select a Size - R32 Refrigerant
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Quick Clean Grille

The intake grille can easily slide out completely, allowing easy cleaning without any special tools and simply washed with water.

Next-Generation R32 Technology

R32 is a refrigerant with just one-third the global warming potential of R410A and has zero ozone depletion potential. R32 offers increased energy efficiency, and is said to be the next generation of refrigerants.

Auto-Vane Shutter

The vane closes automatticaly when the unit is not running, creatimng a sleek flat finish.

Wi-Fi Control Interface

Locally developed to suit the busy lifestyles of New Zealanders, award-winning Wi-Fi Control unlocks the door to smarter heating. This innovative technology allows you to control or monitor your heat pump from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or online account. Wi-Fi Control allows you to control your system remotely, develop operating rules, and set minimum and maximum room temperatures for healthy and comfortable living.

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Suitable for Server Room Applications

The PKA Series provides an economical split system solution for high sensible application due to their larger coil size. As a result, they are ideal for server room and laboratoes where there is a need for sensible cooling.

Drain Pump Option

Installation of a drain pump enables a drain outlet as high as 800m above the base of the indoor unit. Drain water can be discharged easily, even if the surface where the unit is mounted does not have direct outside access; icreasing installation possibilties.

Optional Plasma Quad Connect for Healthier Air

Designed to integrate with your existing Heat Pump, this high-performance two-stage advanced air filtration module, cleans and minimises dust and other allergens for better indoor air quality, all year round.

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PKA-M100KAL + MAC-588IF-E // Light Commercial PKA100 High Wall Heat Pump with Wi-Fi System

· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Single Split, Inverter
· Capacity - Cooling: 10.0 kW · Capacity - Heating: 11.2 kW
· Capacity - Cooling (min. - max.): 4.9 - 11.4 kW · Capacity - Heating (min. - max.): 4.5 - 14.0 kW
· Power Input - Cooling: 2.81 kW · Power Input - Heating: 3.10 kW
· Star rating - Cooling: NA · Star rating - Heating: NA
· EER / COP: 3.55 / 3.61 · AEER / ACOP: 3.43 / 3.49
· Current - Cooling [In+Outdoor] (Rated): 13.21 A · Current - Heating [In+Outdoor] (Rated): 14.08 A
· Current (Max.): 28.07 A
· Operation Range - Cooling: -5 / +52 degC · Operation Range - Heating: -20 / +21 degC

PKA-M100KAL - Light Commercial High Wall Indoor Unit

· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Single Split, Inverter
Nominal Capacity
· Capacity - Cooling: 10.0 kW · Capacity - Heating: 11.2 kW
· Sound Level - Cooling (Low - Super High, dB(A)): 41 / 45 / 49 · Sound Level - Heating (Low - Super High, dB(A)): 41 / 45 / 49
· Air Volume - Cooling (Super High, Litre/sec): 433 · Air Volume - Heating (Super High, Litre/sec): 433
· Refrigerant: R32 · Liquid Pipe Size (OD, mm): 9.52
· Gas Pipe Size (OD, mm): 15.88 · Max. Pipe Length (m): 75
· Max. Pipe Height (m): 30 · Power Supply: 230V / Single Phase / 50 Hz
· Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 1170 x 295 x 365 · Weight: 21.0 kg

PUZ-ZM100VKA-A - R32 Inverter Outdoor Unit

· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Single Split, Standard Inverter
· Operation Range - Cooling: -5 / +52 degC · Operation Range - Heating: -20 / +21 degC
· Sound Level - Cooling (dB(A)): 49 · Sound Level - Heating (dB(A)): 51
· Air Volume - Cooling (Litre/sec): 1833 · Air Volume - Heating (Litre/sec): 1833
· Power Supply: Single phase, 230 V, 50Hz · Refrigerant: R32
· Liquid Pipe Size (OD, mm): 9.52 · Gas Pipe Size (OD, mm): 15.88
· Max. Pipe Length (m): 75 · Max. Pipe Height (m): 30
· Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 1050 x 330 x 1338 · Weight: 113 kg

·  Rating Conditions (AS / NZS 3823):
   Cooling – Indoor: 27°C DB, 19°C WB. Outdoor: 35°C DB.     Heating – Indoor: 20°C DB, Outdoor: 7°C DB, 6°C WB.

·  Sensible Cooling Conditions, Indoor: 27°C DB, 20°C WB. Outdoor: 35°C DB.

·  Dry function will not work when the room temperature is below 13°C.

·  Colour: Heat pump units shown may not be colour accurate, please ensure you view an actual unit for colour matching.

·  Maximum length is inclusive of height differential. i.e. (20m length/12m high) means the pipe can be 12m high and 8m across for a total length of 20m.

·  Measure of Energy Efficency: A calculated measurement of energy efficiency for both heating and cooling using the ratio of kW input to kW output.
   EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio
   COP = Coefficient of Performance
   AEER# = Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio
   ACOP# = Annual Coefficient of Performance
   #These include standby power in the rating calculation

·  Star Ratings based on the Seasonal Energy Rating standard for New Zealand - cold zone [GEMS 2019]



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