CRHV Series: Water Sourced Hot Water and Heating

The 60kW CRHV series delivers hot water at 65°C with high seasonal efficiencies of up to 4.33. Utilising water as the heat source heat recovery can be achieved by moving heat between applications. Multiple unit control of up to 16 units at 960kW makes the CRHV ideal for high energy efficient heating and hot water in large commercial and industrial applications.



65°C Hot Water at
-25°C ambient temperature

Note: Above capacity ratings are all nominal rated.


  • Bore holes, slinkies, aquifers, lakes, rivers, waste heat – can all be used as a heat source
  • Multiple unit cascade control of up to 16 units
  • Split refrigerant circuits within each CRHV provide 50% back up
  • Ability to rotate based on accumulated run hours
  • Provides 65°C water flow temperatures without booster heaters
  • Low maintenance, low refrigerant volume hermetically-sealed Monobloc design
  • Low pressure drop to ensure pumping power is kept to a minimum
  • High specification touch screen controls interfacing with BEMS

Backup and Rotate Function

The hot water heat pump ensures an exceptionally high level of reliability through a backup function.* If either of the compressors malfunctions, the other compressor maintains operation to avoid a complete stop of the system.

A rotation function is also available. When two or more units are in the system, the unit runs alternately, ensuring an optimum product lifecycle for both component units.

*If the main circuit board malfunctions, the backup function and rotation function are not available. *Capacity drops by 50%.

CRHV Series: Water Sourced Hot Water and Heating