Ecodan Air-to-Water Hydronic Heat Pump with Cylinder

Available in 170L, 200L and 300L, the Ecodan Cylinder offers a highly adaptable heating and cooling solution for retrofit or new builds. With a range of outdoor units from 5kW to 14kW, there is a combination for all regions of New Zealand. The Ecodan Range provides high performance and fast heat-up times through the use advanced Flow Temperature Control and Plate Heat Exchanger Technology.



Key Features

  • Self-contained unit, only requiring water and electric connections
  • Single phase power supply with a low starting current
  • Low maintenance and quiet operation
  • Operates with outside temperatures as low as -25°C with Zubadan – HWM Models
  • Optional 2-Zone Energy Efficient Space Heating Control
  • Energy monitoring as standard
Domestic Applications
  • Heating and hot water
  • The vast majority of NZ homes
Commercial Applications
  • Small retail outlets
  • Health clinics
  • Public sector and commercial buildings

Reduced Environmental Impact with R32 Refrigerant

R32 has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) one third that of conventional R410A refrigerant. The use of the R32-compatible compressor and advanced control system allows for 30% reduction in refrigerant volume and approximately 75% reduction in CO2 equivalent in some models.

*5 1 Source: IPCC 4th assessment report, global warming potential (GWP) 100-year-value. Comparison of R410A and R32 based on Regulation (EU) no 517/2014.
*6 Source: R410A, PUHZ-HW140VHA2 R32: PUZ-HWM140VHA

Ecodan Cylinder System

Available in 170L, 200L and 300L capacities, the Ecodan Range of cylinders provide improved performance and fast heat up times through the use of plate heat exchanger technology and FTC6 control. The cylinders contain almost all the hydronic and electronics equipment needed making the install process as easy as possible. The reversible cylinders provide heating and cooling for all year round comfort.

Ecodan Technology, Smart Energy Monitoring and System Management

State-of-the-art energy monitoring and management of the Ecodan Heat Pump System means families now have the visibility and freedom to efficiently manage their overall household power consumption for heating and hot water. Energy monitoring ensures households can take advantage of off-peak tariffs, providing them the ability to save even more on their power bill.

Smart Energy Monitoring

View electricity consumption and heat output on the remote controller. End-users can now easily check the following:
  • Consumed electrical energy for space heating, cooling and domestic hot water (kWh)
  • Delivered energy for space heating, cooling and domestic hot water (kWh)

Other Features

  • Daily, monthly and yearly data are stored and can be displayed using the main remote controller
  • External power meter and heat meter can be connected for accurate measurement
  • An SD card is included for storing usage data

Auto Adaptation

Our advanced Auto Adaptation Function measures the room temperature and outdoor temperature, calculating the required heating capacity for the room. The flow temperature is automatically controlled according to the required heating capacity, while optimal room temperature is maintained at all times; ensuring the appropriate heating capacity and preventing energy wastage.

Future Room Temperature Estimation

2-Zone Control Allows you to Simultaneously Control Two Different Temperature Zones

Using Ecodan, it is possible to control two different flow temperatures, thereby managing two different heating load requirements. The system can adjust and maintain two flow temperatures when different temperatures are required for different rooms; for example, controlling a flow temperature of 40°C for the bedroom radiators and another flow temperature of 30°C for the living room underfloor heating.

Plate Heat Exchanger and Patented Scale Trap Technology*

The Ecodan Cylinder contains Mitsubishi Electric's Aluminium Plate Heat Exchanger and patented Scale Trap Technology to help achieve greater efficiencies. In conventional systems, there is a risk of calcium scale building up on the Plate Heat Exchanger if it is exposed to tap water directly; therefore making it difficult to heat tap water. To resolve this problem, Ecodan is equipped with a “Scale Trap” that catches calcium nuclei in the tap water before it has a chance to grow into large scales, thereby inhibiting build-up in the External Heat Exchanger. Ecodan can use a Plate Heat Exchanger to heat tap water, resulting in much higher domestic hot water performance. In the case of special localised conditions such as very hard tap water, please consult a specialist before installation.

The Secret Behind Our External Plate Heat Exchanger System

* Only available on Mitsubishi Electric made Hydroboxes/Cylinders.

Ecodan Air-to-Water Hydronic Heat Pump with Cylinder