90.0 kW Modular Chiller / Heat Pump

e-series Modular Chiller by Mitsubishi Electric provides an alternative to traditional chillers with the ability to provide heating or cooling at high efficiencies and low footprint. e-series chiller has a comparatively low refrigerant charge and is ETS levy exempt. No refrigerant hazards in occupied spaces which negates need for leak detection. Ecologically responsible & energy efficient alternative system for flexible design.


E-Chiller EAHV-P900YA-N-(BS) Heat Pump Model
EACV-P900YA-N-(BS) Cooling Only Model

Nominal capacity

90.0 kW per module
Up to 6 modules at 540kW
ESEER = 5.66
COP = 3.50
EER = 3.30
Cooling Water Temp 5.0°C to 25.0°C
Heating Water Temp 30.0°C to 55.0°C
Note: Above capacity ratings are all nominal rated.


  • Two independent refrigerant circuits
  • Two evaporators
  • Two High Efficiency Inverter Compressors
  • Cu/Al U shaped Condensers (7mm diameter) – Resin coated
  • Six Inverter condenser fans with Angled Air Outlet Grille
  • Front and rear service access
  • Hydronic isolation valves
  • Internal Header Pipes (multiple configuration)
  • Marine Corrosion protection with BS coating option
  • Digital Indicator
  • Main and Sub PCB Manufactured in Mitsubishi Electric’s Japanese Wakayama factory
  • ISO9001 accredited

Low Running Costs

Reduced Plant Space

Two Independent Refrigerant Circuits

Low Noise Levels

Wide Operating Range

90.0 kW Modular Chiller / Heat Pump