R410A 90kW Modular Chiller / Heat Pump

The e-Series Modular Chiller allows for up to six individual units to be connected together to provide a system capacity from 90kW to 540kW. Available as a cooling only or heat pump version, the e-Series is suitable for both comfort and process cooling applications.


E-Series | 90kW Series EAHV-P900YA-N-(BS) Heat Pump Model
EACV-P900YA-N-(BS) Cooling Only Model

Nominal capacity

90.0 kW per module
Up to 6 modules at 540kW
ESEER = 5.66
COP = 3.50
EER = 3.30
Cooling Water Temp 5.0°C to 25.0°C
Heating Water Temp 30.0°C to 55.0°C
Nominal rating capacity is in accordance with EN14511


A: High efficiency inverter compressors
The multiple advanced DC inverter-driven scroll compressors incorporated within each module allows for an operating capacity range of 8% to 100% for each module.

B: Two-stage cooling circuit
Each compressor connects to a separate plate heat exchangers located within the module. By modulating the evaporating temperature individually, overall system efficiency can increase by an additional 3.9%, compared to single evaporating refrigeration circuits.

C : Fan inverter control
Each refrigerant circuit has separately controlled, inverter-driven DC fans, allowing for more precise control to save energy and optimise system efficiency.

D : Front service
Access for the control box and other service parts is located at the front of the unit for ease of maintenance.

E: U-shaped high performance compact air heat exchangers
The use of high performance, compact heat exchangers allows for a greater surface area whilst also keeping the units much narrower than conventional chillers. The e-Series heat exchangers are equipped with a premium bluefin coating, offering a high level of protection against corrosion.

F: Fans
The fan blades have improved airflow characteristics and a newly designed trailing edge that suppresses air turbulence to increase efficiency and reduce noise levels.

G: Optional Internal header pipe
The internal header pipes simplify design, installation and maintenance and makes the e-series range modular and suitable for almost any situation.

H: Digital indicator
A dedicated digital indicator displays inside the PCB displays high pressure, low pressure, water inlet temperature, water outlet temperature, error codes etc., for ease of service and maintenance.

Wide operating range

Reduced Plant Space

Unique "U" shaped heat exchanger and inbuilt headers allow for small foot print installations.

Two Independent Refrigerant Circuits

Low Noise Levels

Sound pressure levels

Sound power levels

e-Series Coastal Protection Models

While the standard e-Series models come with excellent corrosion resistance, the Coastal Protection e-Series models go a step further by treating external panels and other key elements to a higher paint specification, providing further protection from aggressive salt environments.

Low Running Costs

R410A 90kW Modular Chiller / Heat Pump