HVRF Indoor Models

HVRF Hybrid indoor units are exclusively for use with Hybrid VRF Systems. Current line-up of slim line ducted, middle static ducted and built in floor consoles to choose from. Offering superior comfort and environmental control and are among the quietest available on the market.

The HBC (Hydro BC controller) allows simultaneous cooling and heating of Hybrid systems by connecting several indoor units to one outdoor unit using only two pipes. It has a built in heat exchange between refrigerant and water. Plastic water pipe is then used between the HBC and the indoor units.
Hidden from view, our ceiling concealed and ducted systems provide efficient heating without interfering with the style of your interior.
With their slimline design, our floor consoles are a great renovation option, fitting neatly into cavities left by the removal of fireplaces or night-store heaters.
Our range of ceiling cassettes offer you the flexibility to keep your wall and floor space free without compromising on comfort.
HVRF Indoor Models