Single Room Fresh Air Ventilation with Lossnay Energy Recovery


The wall-mounted VL100 Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery Single Room Ventilation unit provides energy efficient ventilation to ensure individual rooms have a constant supply of healthy, fresh air with the additional benefit of energy efficient heat recovery at the same time. And because the unit is ductless in design, it means the system is ideal for homes and buildings where there is no roof space to install a heat exchanger.

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Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation Solutions

Lossnay by Mitsubishi Electric, is an advanced Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System that captures and filters fresh outdoor air (as opposed to attic air) to replace indoor stale air for an all-round healthier, drier and warmer home. But what makes Lossnay so different from other ventilation systems is our patented Heat Exchanger, which is the secret to the heat recovery capabilities of the Lossnay ventilation unit and provides several important benefits.

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Why Outside Air, Not Attic Air?

Not all air is created equal. Lossnay only draws fresh air from the outside – it does not draw air from the attic. The absence of significant air movement common in attics means the air is likely to be stale. In addition, build-up of dust, dirt and other contaminants such as mould, insect and rodent droppings makes this air much harder to filter before it is distributed through your home. This is why the Balanced Pressure Lossnay System specifically utilises direct fresh air instead.

How does Lossnay work?

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Benefits of VL100 Energy Recovery Ventilation

Improves air quality

Circulates fresh air without draughts

Energy is recovered from stale outgoing air

Removes stale air from the inside

Balanced Pressure Ventilation

Ideal for rooms in modern homes that are more airtight

A well ventilated room is vital as it maintains air quality; creating a healthier and more comfortable environment. The Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay System is a patented energy recovery ventilation solution that uses fresh outdoor air to ventilate a room. The system works by extracting stale air from inside a room and replacing it with fresh air from the outside, whilst recovering heat energy from the extracted air.

Retains Heat

Simple Installation

Simple installation through the boring of 2 installation holes. All of the parts needed for installation are included with the unit.

Easy To Clean

Easy Maintenance

Filters can be removed for regular cleaning to keep the unit in optimal working condition.


Low Noise Design

By providing a range of air volume for each fan speed, sound levels can be reduced to achieve low noise. (25dB at low fan speed).

Improved Air Quality

Improved Air Quality

By drawing in fresh outdoor air, indoor air quality is improved as high levels of CO2, odours and other pollutants are removed from your home.

Creates a Healthier Home

Creates a Healthier Home

Filtered fresh air improves air quality for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Fresh Air Without Windows Open

Fresh Air Without Windows Open

Lossnay allows you to have a well-ventilated home without the need to open windows. This improves the safety of your home and family and means outdoor noise is minimised.

Assists Moisture Control

Assists Moisture and Condensation Control

Lossnay effectively reduces moisture in your home by directly removing stale air that causes condensation via the Lossnay core.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Incoming fresh air is pre-warmed so your heating system isn’t required to work as hard to reach desired temperature. This is highly energy efficient, and can help reduce heating bills.

Retains Heat

Retains Heat

Lossnay’s unique Heat Recovery Technology collects up to 80% of the heat energy in outgoing air which is then used to pre-warm or cool the fresh air vented in.

How does Lossnay work?


Heat exchange system: Energy Recovery Ventilating System
Heat exchange element material: Semi-permeable treated core
Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 620 x 200 x 265
Weight: 7.5 kg
Power supply: 230V +/- 10% / Single Phase / 50 Hz
Heat Recovery Ventilation Mode
Input Power (Fan Lo-Hi): 15 - 31W
Air Volume (Fan Lo-Hi): 16 - 29 l/s
Temperature exchange efficiency (Fan Lo-Hi): 80.0 - 73.0 %
Noise (Fan Lo-Hi): 25 - 37dBA
*: Total external static pressure maximum includes Return Air Fan. OA = Outside Air. RH = Return Humidity.
Note: Lossnay Ventilation Complies with Standards: S/NZS60335.2.80 and AS/NZS CISPR14.1


Note: Dimension unit (mm).





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