French Door Four Drawer Fridges

Our Japanese made French Door Four Drawer Inverter Refrigerators feature a Versa Freezer Drawer giving you the flexibility to soft, supercool or hot freeze foods, a Humidity Drawer and a non-plumbed Automatic Ice Maker. Inverter Technology saves power and makes this the quietest fridge range in its class!

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Features of This Series


Multi Drawer, Multi Temperature

Multi Drawer technology recognises that different types of food require different temperatures to optimise their freshness. The WX700 and WX470 models allow independent temperature control of the main refrigerator compartment and each of the four drawers. Different foods can now be stored specific to ideal temperature requirements at the same time within the same refrigerator. Multi drawer, multi temperature customisation means your food will stay fresher, for longer.

All images used are for illustrative purposes only.  

Colour. So you can reflect your design personality

Our refrigerators are specifically designed with an understanding that with open plan living, the kitchen has truly become the heart of the home. It is no longer a purely functional space, but an expression of design and personality. This is why we are proud to introduce a range with unique colours, finishes, and designs to match any kitchen. Colours include two unique glass panel finishes in Metallic Silver and White Diamond.

Versa Freezer Drawer

Preserve food quality without losing moisture and taste – the Versa Drawer makes storage more convenient and preparation a breeze even while food is still frozen. Enjoy 3 advanced freezing options – soft freezing, hot freezing and supercool freezing.

Sliding Chilled Cases (Refrigeration Compartment)

The WX features a Sliding Chilled Case, perfect for neatly storing deli meats, cheeses and dairy products. The Supercool Chilling Case is specifically designed to prolong the freshness of meats and fish.

WX Sliding Chilled Cases

Humidity Drawer

The Humidity Drawer provides ideal surroundings for fruit and vegetables with a higher humidity than the main refrigerator compartment, ensuring fruit and vegetables stay crisper and fresher for longer.

WX Humidity Drawer

Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker

The WX features a Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker with separate ice drawer. With no separate plumbing connection required, the fridge can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, not just near existing pipe work. With its advanced cleaning filter that removes impurities, bacteria and chlorine, ice will always be clean and fresh.

Additional Features

Silent Operation

WX Refrigerators are some of the quietest in their class at only 15dBA. This makes them ideal for open plan living.

*400 - 499L Four Drawer Refrigerator

Energy Efficient

The WX Series achieves a 4 Star Energy Rating. The result is lower long-term running costs, for ultimate cost efficiency.

* Note: All images used are for illustrative purposes only.
French Door Four Drawer