94 l/s Ducted In-line Ventilation Fan


The Mitsubishi Electric Ducted In-line Fan has been designed for both commercial and domestic applications to move air at a high volume with a low operation noise. Air extraction: 94 l/s (340 m3/h). Power consumption 47 watts. Noise level of 25dBA. Weight 6kg. Ducting 150mm.

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Ducted In-Line Ventilation Fans

Mitsubishi Electric In-line fans move high volumes of air while keeping operating noise as low as 18.5 dBA*. Low noise, light-weight, and a compact design make the Mitsubishi Electric In-Line fan the ultimate solution for both commercial and residential applications in air extraction. Ideal for offices, gyms, schools and libraries, where discreet, low-noise air extraction is required.

*V-15ZMW-E on low

Why Ventilate

Buildings are becoming more and more airtight, therefore good ventilation is a crucial factor to ensure the indoor air quality is at an acceptable standard – Ignored, this will allow for the build-up of airborne pollutants including; odours, bacteria, dust and harmful gases. An unventilated dwelling can lead to occupant irritation, discomfort and potentially health threatening issues.

Quietest In-Line Fan in its class!

The advanced air duct design allows air to be distributed evenly either side of the fan and in doing so reduces the noise of the unit. The inline fan can maintain a high air flow rate while operating down to a low 18.5 dB. The inline fan sits between ductwork, allowing the unit to be installed away from the extraction point, decreasing noise heard by the occupant, ideal for environments that are noise sensitive such as meeting rooms, offices, libraries and living rooms, or when there is limited space above the extraction point.

Versatile and Sturdy Design

Equipped with adjustable mounting brackets and removable duct spigots these make for a convenient and versatile install. The sturdy design gives options for both roof cavity and ceiling exposed mounting.

Heat Transfer

The inline fan can also be utilised as a heat transfer system. These systems work by utilising excess heat created from the main heating source (heaters, fireplaces) and distributing that heat to desired rooms and or cooler areas of the home. A heat transfer system creates a more even and comfortable temperature throughout the home and reduces the need for additional heating sources throughout the home. Operating down to as low as 18.5 dB and tucked away in the roof cavity the system is virtually silent and out of sight with only the grille visible.

*We do not recommend installing a heat transfer system if the heating source is a heat pump.
Ask your local installer for control options.

Key Features

  • High airflow, quiet operation
  • Adjustable/removable mounting brackets
  • Two speed selectable
  • Galvanised steel casing
  • Removable cover for easy maintenance
  • Operating range -15 to 40°C / <90% Relative humidity
  • All models are less than 260mm in height
  • Quick connect power terminal
  • Removable duct spigots
  • Wool glass noise absorption pads*

*V-18ZMWP-E only


*Actual price may differ.
Ducted In-Line Ventilation Fans