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Low Temperature Performance

Mitsubishi Electric’s Oasis Home Dryer will protect your home from moisture build up year round. However, as cold air contains less moisture than warm air, during winter you may find that your dehumidifier draws less water than in the warmer months. Mitsubishi Electric has developed unique functions and technologies to optimise efficiency during the winter months, including Hot Gas Defrost and Low Temperature Mode.

Low Temperature Mode

Low Temp Mode is a selectable function for condensation control in low temperatures.

Low Temp Mode is recommended when the Low Temperature indicator (snowman icon) appears on the LCD display. In Low Temp mode, the unit produces its strongest airflow in temperatures under 15°C.

Hot Gas Defrost

In low temperatures, a defrost cycle must be completed to ensure the coil is kept free of frost and/or ice.

Unlike many other brands that use an electric heating element to assist the defrost process, Mitsubishi Electric dehumidifers use their unique Hot Gas Defrost function which enables the unit to redirect refrigerant over the heat exchanger to remove any ice build-up on the coil within the dehumidifier.

When the unit is in defrost mode, an icon will appear on the LCD display. Defrost cycles can typically last up to 5 minutes.

Low Temperature Performance

When both temperature and humidity levels are low, the dehumidifier may not be able to effectively remove as much moisture from the air.

However, in low temperature environments where the humidity level is high, operating the unit in Low Temp mode will yield better results than in HIGH mode.

The graph below illustrates dehumidifying operation in low temperature conditions:

The values shown on the graph were measured at constant temperature and humidity and do not reflect values obtained in actual usuage conditions.

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