LGH-RVS-E Lossnay Fresh Air Sensible Heat Recovery Ventilation

The in-ceiling LGH-RVS Sensible Heat Recovery Ventilation range features a new non-permeable Lossnay core, allowing you to bring fresh, filtered air in and draw stale air out from high moisture areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries with the added benefit of sensible heat recovery to maximise efficiencies. Available in three sizes 139 l/s, 222 l/s and 278 l/s, the LGH-RVS is ideal for commercial projects.

The Ultimate Heat Recovery Ventilation System – Made for all Areas

The sensible heat recovery addition to the Lossnay range introduces fresh filtered air and with the non-permeable and washable Lossnay Core, it also draws stale air out from areas with high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries as well as commercial applications such as gyms, healthcare centres, schools and offices.

The LGH-RVS Series uses the residual heat from the outgoing stale air to pre-condition the incoming fresh air, which allows buildings to maximise efficiencies whilst maintaining healthy levels of fresh air and keeping CO2 levels low.

Boasting a range of enhanced features including an integrated bypass damper for free cooling, optional CO2 sensor control and easy control interlock with Mr Slim and City Multi ducted systems – it’s the ultimate heat recovery system for all areas.

Make Heat Recovery Ventilation Visible – with Optional* Advanced Lossnay Wi-Fi Control

Elevating air quality and maximising energy efficiencies has never been easier, because now the power is in your hands.

  • See by how many degrees Lossnay is pre-warming or cooling your home in real time, helping you save on your power bill because less additional heating is required to get a room up to temperature.
  • And in summer, monitor by how many degrees Lossnay reduces the average temperature in your home, using Automatic Free Cooling^ Mode.
  • The app will also proactively remind you when it is time to clean your filters to maximise both cost efficient operation and health benefits.

Lossnay Wi-Fi Control truly is the smart evolution in fresh air ventilation.

Learn about Lossnay Wi-Fi Control

*The following compatible Lossnay models can be connected to the Wi-Fi Control Service via a compatible Wi-Fi Interface MAC-588IF-E: VL-250/350/500 Vertical, LGH-RVX-E-1 and LGH-RVS-E Series only.

The outside ‘Fresh Air’ and the inside ‘Avg Temp’ air temperatures are measured by the built-in sensors that are centrally located in the main Lossnay Ventilation unit.

^In comparison to using a dedicated cooling device. The unit will continue to use a small amount of power to bring colder fresh air from outside.

Optional CO2 Monitoring

With the option of an additional CO2 sensor. When connected with the optional Wi-Fi Control Interface, CO2 levels can be viewed in real-time making it ideal for schools, medical facilities and offices.

It is well known that poor air quality impacts health, wellbeing and concentration levels. In conjunction with the CO2 sensor, the Lossnay LGH-RVS system intuitively adjusts airflow to ensure optimum air quality, no matter how many people are in the room.

Low Noise Operation and Increased Energy Efficiency

Starting from a super quiet 18dB(A)*, the LGH-RVS Series operates with incredibly low noise thanks to a specialised sirocco fan produced by Mitsubishi Electric. This unique fan balances airflow and static pressure to minimise noise levels. The series also incorporates a high-efficiency motor to reduce power consumption.

Optional Silencer Ducts can reduce noise further when a quiet solution is paramount.

*On lowest fan speed, measured at 1.5m from the centre of unit in an anechoic chamber.

Easy Installation and Drain Piping

The light chassis of the LGH-RVS Series can provide a huge advantage in terms of cost and safety of installation.

The unit features one drain pipe terminal for both supply air (SA) and exhaust air (EA). A condensate trap is not required as the LGH-RVS unit features an internal backflow prevention device and an inclined drain pain, which not only helps with installation, but also reduces the risk of mould and odour.

Optimised Control with Optional CO2 Sensor

Optimise airflow for each application with the new remote controller, PZ-62DR-E.

A Mitsubishi Electric CO2 sensor connected directly to the LGH-RVS unit optimises the fan speed according to the levels CO2 detected, ensuring indoor air quality is maximised and total heat exchange efficiency is improved. There are two sensor options available, a wall mounted type or built-in.

Combine Lossnay with Mr Slim Ducted Systems

LGH-RVS can be integrated with a Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning system. The ducted system provides heating and cooling while the Lossnay ventilator brings in fresh air into the building while expelling the stale air at the same time.

The heat recovery ventilators help to reduce the load on the ducted air conditioning system.

Lossnay Sensible Heat Recovery Ventilation LGH-50/80/100RVS-E Key Features:

  • Available in three sizes 139 L/s, 222 L/s and 278 L/s
  • Non-permeable Plastic Counter-flow Lossnay Core – suitable for extracting from moisture laden areas
  • Sensible heat exchange only
  • Lightweight chassis
  • Multidirectional single drain connection
  • Energy efficient fans with low SFP (Specific Fan power)
  • Supply and exhaust fans speed set individually
  • Quiet operation
  • Heat exchange bypass function
  • Variable airflow control
  • Easy maintenance with washable core
  • BMS connectable

Optional Accessories

  • G3, M6 and F8 filtration
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Duct silencer
  • Signal output terminal

For more information about the Lossnay Sensible Heat Recovery Ventilation range, enquire here.