The Perfect Whole Home Comfort Solution for a New Build in Christchurch

Located in Ilam, Christchurch, this new build family home featuring high exposed ceilings in the main living areas required a whole home comfort solution that was discreet to fit its modern aesthetics.

The Goal

The owners were specifically looking for an energy efficient heating and cooling system to provide year-round total home comfort. As outdoor space was at a premium, they also specified the desire to minimise the number of outdoor units needed.

The Challenge

As the home incorporated two split levels with limited ceiling space, a ducted whole home solution was not an option. The owners therefore chose a Multi Room Heat Pump System that enabled them to choose the best type of indoor unit to complement the design aesthetic and features of each specific area.

The Solution

A Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room Heat Pump System was chosen that integrated a number of SEZ compact concealed bulkhead indoor units. With only a discreet grille visible, they were the ideal choice in the key open plan areas such as the kitchen and living area as well as the bedrooms. Bulkhead indoor units are highly effective in limited installation space situations; for example concrete ceilings or a lack of wall space.

A Multi Room Heat Pump System Connects Multiple Indoor Units to One Outdoor Unit

A PUMY-SP140VKMD Multi Room outdoor unit was chosen to meet the requirements for this project. Utilising a branch box, four SEZ-KD bulkhead indoor units were connected to the system.

SEZ Bulkhead Indoor Units Ideal for Tight Installation Spaces

  • The kitchen and living area utilised two SEZ-KD50 bulkhead units. They were specifically chosen because of the lack of ceiling space. Furthermore, because only discreet grilles were visible, it also allowed the maximisation of available wall space.
  • To keep with the desired aesthetics, a fake additional grille was also incorporated in the design to ensure everything looked symmetrical.
  • The same concept was extended to all the bedrooms. The smaller downstairs bedrooms including the master bedroom incorporated an SEZ-KD35 and the two upstairs bedroom featured an SEZ-KD60 each.

The Result

The homeowners were delighted with the final result and commented they could not understand why more people don’t go for this option when considering a total home heating and cooling solution. They love how the SEZ bulkhead indoor units free up so much usable wall space with air outlets that only have very discreet grilles. Now, the only thing left to do is move in and decorate!

Products used:

1x PUMY-SP140VKMD outdoor unit and branch box
2x SEZ-KD35 bulk head indoor units in the living areas
1 x SEZ-KD60 bulk head indoor unit in upstairs master bedroom
1x SEZ-KD35 bulk head indoor unit in downstairs bedroom


Published: Friday, 6 March 2020

The Perfect Whole Home Comfort Solution for a New Build in Christchurch