OmniCore Multi Room System Featuring AP Mini Heat Pumps to Warm a 1970s Trentham Home

Nestled in the heart of the popular suburb of Trentham in Upper Hutt, Wellington, the owner of this cosy 1970s three bedroom home was looking to invest in total heating and cooling of her property. With existing heating only in the living area, an energy efficient solution was needed to provide heating into the three bedrooms along the length of one side of the house.

The Goal

In the depths of winter, Trentham can experience outside temperatures down to below zero degrees. As a result of this climate, the owner has spent many mornings waking up to ‘seeing’ her breath.

Having already lived in the home for six years, the use of electric heaters had been a temporary measure to beat the winter chill. However as soon as the timing was right, this property owner knew she wanted to add value to her property by investing in an energy efficient solution to heat all three bedrooms during winter and cool them in the height of summer.

The Challenge

With not one but three separate bedroom spaces to heat and cool, it was important that the exterior of the property was not compromised with any unnecessary clutter. The bedrooms back onto a large outdoor entertaining space, where time is spent in the warmer months with friends and family.

Further to this, the homeowner was seeking a compact solution that did not take up too much space in each bedroom.

And lastly, the large windows along the exterior walls presented a challenge to ensure that any installation would need to be on internal walls only.

The OmniCore Solution

With heat pumps being one of the most energy efficient forms of heating available in New Zealand, they were a go-to selection for this property.

The fear and potential problem of precious exterior space being consumed by three outdoor units lined up along the exterior walls of this home was overcome with a Mitsubishi Electric OmniCore System – the Heart of Multi Room.

Unlike single split systems where one outdoor unit is required for each indoor unit, OmniCore allows up to eight indoor units to connect to a single outdoor unit.

With a plan in place for a clean and uncluttered single outdoor addition, the only decision the homeowner needed to make was the style of heat pump for each room, choosing between a range of high walls, a compact floor console or a discreet ducted option.

The Compact AP Mini is Bedroom Perfect!

Three AP Mini Heat Pumps were chosen for their compact size so as to avoid taking up a lot of wall space in each room and making the heat pump the focus.

At only 250mm high and 760mm wide, the AP Mini is 16.4% smaller in height than a standard AP model, making it New Zealand’s smallest heat pump.

Also ideal for bedrooms, the AP mini is quiet, providing all the warmth without hearing the unit throughout the night.

For further sleep comfort, the operation indicator light can be dimmed to keep the room dark and there is a disable function to prevent the unit from beeping.

An added surprise benefit was the Dual Barrier Coating feature, allowing the owner to have peace of mind in knowing that there is an in-built barrier to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the inner surface of the indoor unit.

And lastly, with individual temperature control across each of the three bedrooms, the homeowner is happy that her room and those of her guests can be warmed or cooled to an optimal level to suit each person.

The Result

Three months on from installing the OmniCore Multi Room System and just in time for the winter season, this property is reaping the comfort benefits inside, without the clutter of multiple units outside.

No longer does the homeowner have to freeze when walking down the hallway to go to bed at night. In the morning, she can heat up her room so that it is nice and toasty while she gets ready for her day. Seeing her breath on cold mornings is now a thing of the past.

The owner says investing in an OmniCore Multi Room System has been one of the best financial investments made to this home, “it’s great! It works how I want it to, does what I want and the best thing I have done for not only my homes health but my own as well.” And judging by this home’s sleepy dog in the bedroom, we think the system brings comfort and happiness to pets too.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity:

Heating Capacity: 7.5 kW
Cooling Capacity: 6.0 kW

3 x MSZ-AP20VGD AP Mini High Wall Heat Pump
1 x MXZ-3F54VGD OmniCore Classic Multi Outdoor Unit
3 x MICROBLUE X85-005 Condensate Pump


Future Air Solutions

Published: Monday, 1 November 2021

OmniCore Multi Room System Featuring AP Mini Heat Pumps to Warm a 1970s Trentham Home