Energy Efficient Whole Home Heating to Suit a Modern New Build

This new build home located in Remuera, Auckland needed an energy efficient heating and cooling solution that offered individual zone control whilst being subtle in design.

The Goal

This multi-generational family wanted a comfortable year-round solution that can perform by heating and cooling the house quietly and efficiently. Zone control was also a requirement in order to have the freedom to simply manage each space to increase energy savings. In addition, to keep up with the modern aesthetic of the new build, remaining unobtrusive was important to the owners.

The Challenge

Quietness was of utmost important in the decision-making process. Furthermore, the system also required a discreet look whilst being easy to operate. Due to elderly parents living there, they needed a simple controller to manage the system easily with the option of being able to monitor it remotely on a smartphone. They also didn’t want a bulky appliance to ruin the feel of the interior style.

The Solution

A Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room System was a perfect option to meet the homeowners’ needs. This gives them the freedom to manage separate heat pumps in each area allowing for greater energy savings. Along with other features such as Wi-Fi Control, quiet operation and slimline design, it made this the ideal choice for their abode.

The Indoor Units

Four PEFY Ducted units were used for the bedrooms and living areas of the house. Each PEFY model was a different size to have the correct capacity required to heat the space efficiently. Their low profile look allows them to seamlessly blend into the high areas of the wall, making them a great choice for the modern design of this new build.

The Outdoor Units

Two PUMY-P140YKM-A outdoor units were selected – one to operate the ground floor models, and the other for the first floor. They were chosen based on their performance and low dBA levels, resulting in quiet operation when in use.

Individual Temperature Control Maximising Energy Efficiency

A Multi Room System allows you to control each heat pump so you don’t need to have all indoor units running at the same time. This means warm air isn’t being distributed in an unoccupied area, maximising energy savings. Individual temperature control also means you can adjust the temperature differently for each unit to reach perfect comfort for the area you are in. Optional Wi-Fi Control was added so it can be managed remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

The Result

The Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room System met the owners’ expectations for what they needed in a whole-home heating solution. It provides them with year-round comfort whilst remaining energy efficient, easy to monitor with individual control, all while keeping in style with the aesthetic of the interior of the house.

Equipment Breakdown

Heating Capacity: 37.3kW
Cooling Capacity: 33.1kW

1 x PEFY-P40VMA-E Ducted indoor unit
1 x PEFY-P50VMA-E Ducted indoor unit
1 x PEFY-P80VMA-E Ducted indoor unit
1 x PEFY-P125VMA-E Ducted indoor unit
2 x PUMY-P140VMK-A outdoor units
4 x Touch Screen PAR-CT01 Wall Controls
4 x MAC-568IF Wi-Fi Interfaces


Published: Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Energy Efficient Whole Home Heating to Suit a Modern New Build