A Discreet Whole Home Heating Solution to Match the Architectural Vision of This New Build

This newly constructed house located in Southshore, Christchurch required an unobtrusive year-round whole home heating and cooling system that complemented the modern architectural style and design of the residence.

The Goal

The family were after a solution that prevented having the contemporary exterior cluttered by a number of large outdoor units. They also wanted a system that was able to heat and cool many rooms at once and at different temperatures but remained energy efficient at the same time.

The Challenge

Having a heating and cooling system that was discreet in design to match the modern style of the home was important to the owners. The property was also located near the beach. As such, protection against the corrosive effects from sea salt laden air was needed to ensure the system keeps working reliably for years to come.

The Solution

A Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room Heat Pump System was chosen as the ideal solution to match all of the family’s requirements. The owners specifically selected low-profile ducted indoor models for each key area to minimise visual distractions. Furthermore, not only did the Multi Room System offer flexibility in choosing the right indoor unit to complement the style of each room, it just requires one outdoor unit to connect to all the indoor units.

Open Plan Living Area

For the large open plan living area that was long and narrow, two PEFY Concealed Ducted indoor units were chosen. Not only were they selected because of the discreet nature of the design, but also because they were quiet.

Master Bedroom

One PFFY Upright Concealed Floor Console was used in the master bedroom as there was no ceiling space for a standard ducted unit. Mounted discretely at floor level, the PFFY offers a concealed solution that is designed for installation in the perimeter skirting wall or other wall space voids.

The Outdoor Unit

All three indoor units were connected to a single PUMY-P112VKM-BS outdoor unit. Because there was no need to accommodate multiple outdoor units that would have amplified sound levels, external noise levels were reduced. Furthermore, with only one outdoor unit to deal with, visual distractions of the external façade were kept at a minimum.

Preventative Corrosion Treatment of Outdoor Unit

As the property is close to the beach, the potential of the outdoor unit rusting needed to be considered. Offered as an optional extra, the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit was treated with a blue fin anti-corrosion treatment to slow down the deterioration process caused by salt in the coastal air. The additional protection helps extend the longevity of the system.

Wi-Fi Control – Centralised From Anywhere Maximising Cost Efficient Operation

Optional Wi-Fi Control was added to the Multi Room System. This enables the owners to have centralised control so that they can view and manage all three indoor units from any place at any time. Being able to monitor all the individual units from one screen removes the need to operate each indoor unit with the corresponding individual remote controller in each room.

The Result

The Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room System admirably matched the owners’ expectations of what they were looking for in a whole home heating solution. They were able to maintain the interior aesthetic and overall style of the new build and be energy efficient with multiple ducted indoor units and a single outdoor unit. The family also commented on how brilliant the Wi-Fi Control feature is and how cost-effective it has been to maximise energy savings.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity:

Heating Capacity: 14kW
Cooling Capacity: 12.5kW

Outdoor Units

1 x PFFY-P40VLRMM-E Concealed Floor Console
1 x PEFY-P50VMS1-ER2 Ducted indoor unit
1 x PEFY-P32VMS1-ER2 Ducted indoor unit
1 x PUMY-P112VKM-A-BS outdoor unit


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Published: Tuesday, 15 September 2020

A Discreet Whole Home Heating Solution to Match the Architectural Vision of This New Build