8.0kW 300L Ecodan Split Cylinder System


The 300L cylinder offers a highly adaptable heating solution for retrofit or new builds. Designed specifically by Mitsubishi Electric to integrate with the Ecodan Split Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump Range, the cylinder provides high performance and fast heat-up times using intelligent control, the latest Plate Heat Exchanger Technology and the Zubadan Flash Injection Circuit. This system comprises of the 8.0kW PUHZ-SHW80VAA-BS Zubadan Outdoor Split Unit, the ERST30C-VM6ED 300L Cylinder and FTC6 Controller. With Zubadan Technology, the rated heating capacity is maintained even in outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C, guaranteeing total home comfort when you need it most.

Heating Capacity8.0 kW
Cylinder300 Litre
Select with a 200L Cylinder - R410A
Select with a 300L Cylinder - R410A


Key Features

  • Split unit allowing water connections to be made internally
  • No need for gas supply, flues or ventilation
  • Single phase power supply with a low starting current
  • Low maintenance and quiet operation
  • Operates with outside temperatures as low as -25ºC with Zubadan
  • 2-Zone Energy Efficient Space Heating Control
  • Energy monitoring as standard
Domestic Applications
Domestic Applications
  • Heating and hot water
  • The vast majority of NZ homes
Commercial Applications
  • Small retail outlets
  • Health clinics
  • Public sector and commercial buildings

Zubadan Inverter Technology

New generation Zubadan Inverter Technology provides powerful heating in cold regions where heat pump performance can diminish. With Zubadan, rated heating capacity is maintained even in outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C, with guaranteed heating operation at -25°C. Zubadan guarantees a warm, comfortable home when you need it most. Furthermore, Zubadan can provide even faster tank heat-up times in low ambient temperatures.

FTC5 Controller – With Energy Monitoring

The Mitsubishi Electric Fifth Generation Controller (FTC5) includes intelligent room temperature control as standard. This together with advanced weather compensation ensures the system delivers efficient, comfortable heating regardless of the season. FTC5 now also includes energy monitoring, showing consumed and produced energy.

2-Zone Control Allows you to Simultaneously Control Two Different Temperature Zones

Using Ecodan, it is possible to control two different flow temperatures, thereby managing two different heating load requirements. The system can adjust and maintain two flow temperatures when different temperatures are required for different rooms; for example, controlling a flow temperature of 40°C for the bedroom radiators and another flow temperature of 30°C for the living room underfloor heating.


ERST30C-VM6ED - FTC6 Packaged Cylinder for Split Units

Type: FTC6 Cylinder for Split System
Operating Ambient Temperature*1: 0 ~ +35°C (RH<80%)
Sound Power Level [dBA]: 28
Refrigerant Type: R410A
Water Pipe Connections (Heating / DHW) [mm]: 28 / 22 compression
Primary Pump: Grundfos UPM3K 15-75 130
Hot Water Supply Pump: Grundfos UPSO 15-60 CIL2
Nominal Storage Tank Volume [L]: 300
Primary Expansion Vessel [L]: N/A
Target Temperature Range
DHW Supply Maximum Temperature [°C]: 40 - 60
Space Heating Flow Temperature [°C]*2: 20 - 60
Space Heating Room Temperature [°C]: 10 - 30
Space Cooling Flow Temperature [°C]: 5 - 25
Control Thermistor THW1 [°C]: 0 - 75
Control Thermistor THW3 [°C]: 1 - 80
Pressure Relief Valve [MPa (Bar)]: 1.0 (10)
Flow Sensor (Minimum Flow 5.0L/min): Supplied
Manual Reset Thermostat [°C]: 90
Thermal Cut-out (for dry run prevention) [°C]: 121
Power supply: 230-240V / Single Phase / 50 Hz
Current [A]: 1.95
Breaker [A]: 10
Power supply: 230-240V / Single Phase / 50 Hz
Capacity [kW]: 2+4
Current [A]: 26
Breaker [A]: 32
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm]: 595 x 680 x 2050
Weight (Empty / Full) [kg]: 120 / 428

*1 Depending on the ambient conditions, it may not reach the set temperature.
*2 The cylinder's enviroment MUST be frost-free.

PUHZ-SHW80VAA-BS - 8.0kW Ecodan Split Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump

Function: Hot Water Heating
Type: Packaged Air Source Heat Pump
Refrigerant Type: R410A
HEATING (A7/W35)*¹
Capacity [kW]: 8.0
Power Input [kW]: 1.72
COP: 4.65
HEATING (A2/W35)*²
Capacity [kW]: 8.0
Power Input [kW]: 2.25
COP: 3.55
COOLING (A35/W7)*3
Capacity [kW]: 7.1
Power Input [kW]: 2.15
EER: 3.31
COOLING (A35/W18)*4
Capacity [kW]: 7.1
Power Input [kW]: 1.57
EER: 4.52
Heating Operation Ambient Temperature [°C DB]: -28 ~ +21
Cooling Operation Ambient Temperature [°C DB]: +10 ~ +46
DHW Operation Ambient Temperature [°C DB]: -28 ~ +35
Sound Pressure Level at 1m [dBA]*¹: 45
Flow Rate [L/min]: 10.2 - 22.9
Power supply: 230V / Single Phase / 50 Hz
Maximum Current / Fuse Rating [A]: 22.0 / 25
Unit Connections (Liquid / Gas) [mm(in)]: 9.52 (3/8) / 15.88 (5/8) flared connections
Min Pipe Length [m]: 2
Max Pipe Length [m]: 75
Max Height Difference [m]: 30
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm]: 1050 x 480 x 1020
Weight [kg]: 116

*1 Under normal heating conditions at outdoor temp: 7°CDB / 6°CDB, outlet water temp 35°C, inlet water temp 30°C as tested to BS EN14511.
*2 Under normal heating conditions at outdoor temp: 2°CDB / 1°CDB, outlet water temp 35°C, inlet water temp 30°C as t




  • Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps come with a 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty.

    Warranty commences from the date the system is purchased and installed. The installer must also fill out and return a BDT commissioning form applicable to the original purchaser. The installer must also have completed the Ecodan training course. Equipment defects covered by this warranty will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of BDT without cost to the owner for parts or direct repair labour. A BDT authorised repair company shall carry out the repair or replacement during normal business hours.

    Any Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan parts or equipment replaced under the warranty will be warranted in accordance with the provisions of this warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period or 12 months from the completion of the repair, whichever is the greater.

    Except where inconsistent with the owner’s statutory rights and the rights given by this warranty, all other warranties and all liability of BDT for any loss or damage direct and consequential is expressly excluded.

    For full details view warranty terms and conditions.pdf (140 KB)


Ecodan Air-To-Water Split Heat Pumps with Cylinder

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