All applications where hydronic and all-air systems control environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and air quality) in human occupied spaces.

Climaveneta solutions for comfort applications are designed to provide even in the most challenging residential, office, hotel and retail projects

Perfect comfort and well-being

Ensuring a perfect control of temperature, humidity as well as of air quality and noise level, ideal comfort conditions are ensured even in the most demanding applications and challenging climate conditions.

Environmental respect

Decreasing energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and making the most extensive use of renewable sources are key elements of a high quality HVAC, making a positive contribution to greener buildings and better energy performance ratings.

Specific solution for each project

A vast range of highly configurable products, combined with solutions dedicated to each project, when even the highest configurability is not enough, is key to delivering best comfort with no limitations on architectural choices, reduced footprint of technical systems and no aesthetical impact.

Lowest cost of ownership

Thanks to cutting-edge solutions designed around technological innovation and sustainability in order to drive down initial investment, running costs and maintenance, and to increase the total life cycle of the product.

Simplified on-site operations

Climaveneta units apply a “plug & play” design approach that integrates many functions traditionally provided by different systems, such as heating and cooling. They are equipped with all options and accessories in order to make on site operations rational, simple and predictable, with countless advantages in project management.

Enhanced value of the real estate development

By reducing operational expenses due to running costs and maintenance, as well as by optimising initial investment and opening the opportunity to benefit for energy reduction and green solutions incentives, Climaveneta solutions are a key asset in making new or existing properties more valuable and profitable.