Process Cooling

All applications where cooling technologies provide temperature control of industrial processes or products, and in production and storage of food and beverages.

Climaveneta range of dedicated process cooling solutions are designed to deliver even in the most challenging projects

Smart integration of the most advanced technologies

The extensive experience in the peculiarities of process cooling applications allows Climaveneta to offer the smartest combination of the most advanced technologies such as: full inverter concept, free cooling, heat recovery management, and evaporative cooling.

Highest industrial quality also in bespoke solutions

The Climaveneta approach, by combining the highly industrialized organisation with the widest range of versions, configurations and bespoke solutions, offers complete exibility in the product proposal with all the advantages of the highest standards of product manufacturing and quality testing.

Complete reliability

Thanks to high quality components and materials, and continuous improvement programmes aimed at cutting maintenance costs and ensuring 24/7 premium performance.

High efficiency

Guaranteeing that the HVAC system always runs at the highest efficiency, through a strong focus on premium performances and the implementation of advanced plant room control and optimisation software.

The smartest use of energy

Integrated in the cooling system, advanced heat recovery systems provide an innovative look at heat rejection as a free source of energy for adjoining applications.

Increased sustainability

Intelligent energy management is also crucial for sustainability, considering the extensive use of energy and levels of CO2 emissions in industrial processes.


Process Cooling